Simple Secrets to Rekindle and Keep Your Sex Life Alive

We Asked, You Spilled It

We asked moms to share their best tips for keeping their sex lives alive and well and boy, did they deliver.

When my husband goes out of town, I slip a pair of my sexy panties (clean!) in his suitcase to remember me by!
- L. in Toronto, ON

My husband and I put a movie on for the kids and then lock ourselves in the bathroom when we are in need of some adult time!
- T. in Anmore, BC

My hubbs just loves my butt. A little rubbin' lap dance is enough to get us both hot and sexy.
- M. in Ajax. ON

I enjoy being adventurous, any time, any where and any how...the most exciting time is when you could get caught!
- K. in Hamilton, ON

I love to take sexy pictures of myself on my digital camera for my man.
- C. in London, ON

Just looking at my hubby's backside gets me all hot and bothered, even when it is covered! It's one his best features and he always wonders why I want to walk behind him!
- H. in Vancouver BC

Play hard to get, then have a bubblebath, then dress in little panties that won't stay on too long...
- P. in Newmarket, ON

Getting away from our kids is a must to avoid the ubiquitous 'coitus interruptus'! We'll hire a sitter, tell them we're going to a movie, then go and make love in the car, outdoors, anywhere but at home.
- H. in Edmonton, AB

Don't ever buy a king size bed.
- V. in Toronto, ON

A fun date is going to a bookstore to check out the sex books together.
- H. in Kitchener, ON

Do some erotic reading before you plan to have a sexy evening with your spouse to get the engine warmed up.
- L. in Kanata, ON

I wear my pole dancing latex boots at home and entertain my husband.
- L. in Stoney Creek, ON

I'm 6 months pregnant and sleeping in the nude is one of the only things that still makes me feel sexy... that and knowing that with a few teases, I can arouse my husband even when he's exhausted.
- L. in Bowmanville, ON

Not wearing panties at work, at play, all the time. Something about going "commando" puts a little extra strut in my step. And it lends a whole new meaning to the term "casual Friday" at work!
- A. in Toronto, ON

My sexy secret is that my husband is the only man who has ever actually made me climax!....Now we vow to make up for lost time.
- A. in Edmonton, AB

I like it when my husband talks dirty to me (a little).
- J. in Ingersoll, ON

Read a sexy, erotic story in bed together to get in the mood. Take turns reading aloud - great brainstorming, or at least good for a shared laugh.
- T. in Sharon, ON

Instead of lying awake worrying about not getting enough sleep after being woken up at 2am by my daughter, I wake my husband up and turn my mind off!
- L. in Vancouver, ON

My husband and I like to make "body sundaes" using whip cream, nuts and different fruits (sliced strawberries, diced pineapple, grapes, kiwi, etc.). We make the sundae on whatever body part we wish to eat off of and enjoy. You will definitely want to "clean your plate! (this gives a whole new meaning to dessert)!
- T. in Hamilton, ON

I had made a wonderful meal for my husband and when he came in the door, all I was wearing was an apron and I was the main course!
- T. in Hamilton, ON

Leave love notes in the most peculiar places - on his pillow, in his lunch, on his steering wheel - with suggestions of what will happen when he gets home.
- E. in North York, ON

I like to send a teasing text messages to him while he's at work.
- A. in Niagara Fall, ON

My husband works nearly all the time and I stay home with our four children under five years of age but we always manage to find time to satisfy each other, daily. When he comes home from night shift, our master bedroom is locked and the children are at the craft table working on a project. It's amazing what 15 minutes of alone time can do!
- S. in St. Catharines. ON

In the summer time after the pool is set-up my husband and I go for a late night dip.....No bathing suits allowed!
- M. in Hamilton, ON

I like to shave my pubic area with fun symbols/signs for my boyfriend
- L. in Oakville, ON

I love to slip into the shower when he's not expecting it. When he's about to get out of the shower, I give him a shoulder rub and then run my hands down his back and work my way into some oral action. It makes for a wild and erotic night for us in the bedroom. It is also one of the only places we can sneak in a little foreplay because we have three kids running around the house.
- T. in Oromocto, NB

My husband and I set aside one day a month for us. Our 3 kids are off to grandma's for the evening and overnight visit. We enjoy a bubble bath in our oversized jet tub. Lots of bubbles, wine and candles. Concentrating on only the two of us. It's very romantic and I'm giddy with excitement everytime the day nears. It's also a time we can talk without being interrupted.
- L. in Woodslee, ON

I add extra excitement to our sex life by putting coupons in his lunch box so he has all day to think about the task that needs to be done once the kids are in bed.
- M. in Hagersville, ON

I visit Adult Video stores a few times a year when my husband least expects it, and I bring home a movie that we'll both enjoy. Add some new sexy lingerie and he'll be sooooo hot, he'll do anything for you! For days, maybe even weeks to come!
- A. in Ridgeway, ON

A long hot shower Au Deux and a warm oil massage afterwards works wonders.
- L. in Tignish, PEI

I let my husband pick out my underwear when we go shopping. He has great taste. I am guaranteed he is going to love it (and he's never gone wrong yet!)
- S. in Stratford, ON

I keep the batteries charged in my Silver Bullet and tucked under the pillow for some serious one-on-one time.
- J. in Guelph, ON

Silk stockings ..... they work every time!
- A. in Hamilton, ON

I find spraying the bed sheets with a bottle of peach scent helps get you in the mood. The smell of fresh fruit is always exciting! It makes you want to nibble on your partner!
- C. in Bradford, ON

I love to dress up in all different sexy ways. I can do so many different "looks" that it really spices things up and makes alone time alot more fun:-)
- M. in Calgary, AB

My husband and I have very conflicting schedules so we sit down with our calendars and pick a time for romance each week. Knowing the time is getting close and preparing for it is part of the foreplay!
- B. in Woodstock, NB

I bought my husband chocolate body paint for Valentines yummy and fun! Dessert was very tasty :)
- J. in Campbell River, BC

On my way home from work to get me in the mood - I start doing Kegals to get things warmed up!
- W. in Everett, ON

I have recently taken a strip tease aerobics class to shape up for my wedding (and to try to get my body back after having a baby), and to make my man happy. It sure has added a lot of spice!!! And my body feels great!!
- S. in Brantford, ON

Installing mirror closet doors in the bedroom!
- D. in Belle River, ON

Sometimes my husband and I pretend we're meeting each other for the first time and we go out on a first date. It sounds silly but it's like having sex for the first time because we get the first time butterflies of what the person's going to be like.
- L. in Toronto, ON

I watch x-rated movies when my husband isn't around.
- W. in Mississauga, ON

I exercise frequently and I do Kegls on a regular basis. I want to keep all my muscles toned. If you are in controll of your pelvic muscles you can give him a squeeze during sex. It is especially effective right at the end!
- D. in Columbia, MO

We use a little vibrating "egg" in between us for some wonderful sensations both of us enjoy. Its great fun and adds some great passion!
- J. in Donnelly, AB

Try putting an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth gets deliciously cool. Then put your mouth on strategic parts of your partner's body and watch his or her eyes light up!!
- B. in Ear Falls, ON

Can't go wrong with a Brazilian!!!
- K. in Lake Errock, BC

Be the SEDUCER! Trading roles will help you both understand each other, not to mention boost passion. Surprise him by showing you're thinking about him when he least expects it.
- L. in Woodslee, ON

Sometimes I send my hubby a message on his blackberry that I want a nooner, and he'll race home from work for a little nookie!
- C. in North York, ON

I always feel sexy when I put a little perfume on my excitable spots. That really gets my husband going!!
- C. in Kitchener, ON



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