How To Have Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Dr. Trina Read explores the female orgasm in all its glory


The key to having a mind blowing orgasm is to keep your PC muscles in tip top shape and all it takes is two minutes a day.

What are my PC muscles and why should I care?

In the mid-1900s, Dr. Arnold Kegel developed his Kegel exercise for women experiencing urinary incontinence. During follow-up examinations, the women reported an amazing side-effect: Kegels helped their vaginas become a lot more sensitive during intercourse.

Of course, this intrigued Dr. Kegel and, subsequently, he found that doing Kegels exercised the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle—the muscle group that forms the orgasmic platform. So during orgasm, along with the other pelvic muscle, the PC muscle contracts.

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Pelvic floor muscles are very important source of sexual pleasure and arousal for women. Contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles can actually promote lubrication and increase arousal. The sensations of sexual activity can be heightened by consciously pulsing these muscles.

Understandably, every muscle group needs to be exercised in order to maintain tone and strength—and to feel at its best. If not exercised, the muscle group will become slack and eventually atrophy. Therefore, a lack of sensation around a woman’s vaginal opening is usually caused by an out-of-shape PC muscle.

Kegels after childbirth are a great way to tone and strengthen the vagina. As well, some postmenopausal women find Kegels help them to maintain lubrication because of the daily increase in blood flow to that area.

In case you’ve never done a Kegel exercise, here are the basics. To find where your PC muscle are located:
•    Sit over a toilet and with your legs apart start a flow of urine
•    Half way through stop the flow
•    Concentrate on what muscle you used to stop the flow—that is your PC muscle.
It is important to do this trial exercise because it’s easy to mistake your stomach, buttocks or thigh muscle for your PC muscle.

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It’s pretty normal at first for your PC muscle to tire out easily. However, if you find some soreness in your thigh, stomach or buttocks muscle you need to go back to the start and properly locate your PC muscle once again.

The hardest part will be you keeping up your daily Kegel routine. As such, do your Kegels in unison with other daily habits. I recommend making it a part of your morning routine. Do your Kegels while in the shower, brushing your teeth, on the commute to work, waiting at stop lights, or while exercising and listening to your favorite music. Perhaps at work you can liven up that boring meeting, make answering the telephone more fun, or have your own little party while waiting in a take-out line for lunch. There are tons of opportunities.

The wonderful thing about Kegels is you can do them anywhere without anyone having the slightest idea of what you are up to. Just make sure to wear a big smile on your face to confuse the heck out of whoever may be watching you. It will be your own little naughty secret.

Relationship and sexual health expert, Dr. Trina Read, is the founder of and Sensual Tastes Events. She is a mom of two boys, a best selling author, a go-to media expert, magazine columnist, spokeswoman and award winning international speaker.