Having Sex Wherever and Whenever

Sex Life Lessons

Five days.  That is as long as I can go without IT. 

It's like I have an expiry date after which my body parts start to atrophy. Things, small inconsequential things, start to set me off. I get more high-strung than normal and I'm wound tighter then a bow. The stupid thing is that I don't realize it right away, and I find myself blaming everything and everyone else for just getting in my way. 

10 Ways A Good Sex Life Benefits Your Whole Family (and The Cashier At The Grocery Store)

Twenty minutes is all it takes to make it all better, seriously, and we can do it in ten, if need be! We're Moms and we're busy.  We go 24/7.  Simply being able to go the bathroom without an audience half the time seems like a selfish indulgence. 

After a full day of fulfilling everyone's needs- preparing food, shopping, errands, cleaning, laundry, homework, dinner and preparing the next crazy day - it's 11 pm.  When I finally get to sit at night, I want to escape with mindless TV or a romance novel where the heroine is a perfect size 2, slays dragons with one hand, makes dinner with the other, and has earth shattering sex every other day.   

Reality is, take sex when and how you can. Quickies are so under-rated but are a necessary function in my relationship. Don't always wait until the kids are sleeping (I have teens, they never sleep) or you've had your 3 hour pre-sex grooming ritual, shaving, plucking, polishing and moistening every nook and cranny. Raw, carnal and quick can be just what the doctor ordered and take the edge away instantly.    

Come Again? Everything You Want To Know About Multiple Orgasms

For some reason, nothing matters after an orgasm or two at 3:00 in the afternoon. I find that the more we indulge in quickies, the easier it is to build the fire in our more extended sexual routine and awaken the passion and frenzy we had in the early days of dating - before kids, mortgages, stress, bills and a far more complicated life. My first thought after our little rendezvous is always "Why don't we do this more often?" That's the afterglow speaking in the 30 seconds of basking we get before we hear someone pounding on the door wanting something to eat, a drive to work, or help with calculus. 

Life continues, but I now have a smile on my face and my stress sheds in a puddle at my feet.

Lesley McDaid is a mom to 4 boys and a bonus mom to a boy and girl. They range in age 5 - 16 and they keep her busier then she ever thought possible.  Lesley owns a wholesale adult toy company, online store,  and runs a blog about sex and women.  She has an amazing partner who helps her in every aspect of life, love and work and there's no one she'd rather do this with.