Fifty Shades of...Erotica

It started with the romance of Bella and Edward and moved into Christian and Anastasia's bedroom. The fact is more and more moms are reading erotica. If you want to add some new shades to your love life, check out these great reads and articles that will help you spice up your sex life.

If you're feeling unsatisfied since finishing the trilogy that whipped women into a frenzy, here are five similar books you can read one-handed.
If you like to laugh you'll revel in these five erotica books that combine hardcore love scenes with humour.

If you are a Twilight fan who wanted Bella and Edward to have a little less insinuation and a lot more detail between the sheets, these are the books for you.
'50 Shades Of Grey' had women coming out of the woodwork to talk about erotic fiction and in doing so, this also happened.

No money? No problem. You can still fill your erotica needs with these cheap, easy, and sexy books.
More and more moms are reading erotica. Is it because their sex life doesn't stack up or does reading kinky lit help get things hot between the covers?
The five romance books that will reach into your soul and stay with you long after the book is finished.
Somewhere, somehow, I allowed myself to be okay with being invisible; maybe even buying into the “well, I’m a mommy now so I come second” mentality.
Have you ever wanted to get away from it all? Escape the everyday, humdrum, same old-same old, day-to-day routine? These are the books for you!
In this new erotica series by L. Marie Adeline, a group of women discover their desires, shed their inhibitions and live out their fantasies.
I just don't get the appeal of badly written porn and why so many women are walking around with their knickers in a knot.
The five books *ahem* romance books you'll want to read from cover to cover while you're underneath your covers...if you catch our drift.
Here are 5 erotic romance book series to read after Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You. You're welcome.
Who do you think should be cast to play Anastasia and Christian in the movie version of the popular book series?
Over 250,000 (and counting) women have bought Fifty Shades of Grey, showing that some women really love this type of fantasy.
Because you will end up sitting on the lap of a really hot guy while wind is blown in your hair. There may also be oil involved. And Tic Tacs.
Get your summer reading ready. These are five sequels or continuations of erotica series that will have you calling in to work sick on release day.
From heartbreaking stories of redemption to downright dirty smut, these are the top-notch romance books to hit the shelves so far in 2013.