Creative Ways To Nurture Your Relationship With Your Spouse

Remember Why You Fell In Love

Creative Ways to Nurture Your Relationship With Your Spouse, love

We all can use some easy and creative ideas to help add a little bit of fun and romance into our relationships. After all, we all get consumed by our regular day-to-day duties, both inside and outside the home. It’s easy to forget about nurturing the relationship with our spouse or partner. 

Let's try to remember. 

  Recreate Your First Date

We all remember our first date with our significant other, right?

Did you go to a movie? Perhaps you went out to dinner. Maybe you even tried a fun activity, like mini golf or bowling. Why not try to create this special night for your next date? You may not be able to recreate it perfectly, but that’s okay! This will be a new special memory for you and your spouse to enjoy. Your first-date movie has likely long since left the big screen, but you could try to see something with the same actors or go to the same theatre. Has your first-date restaurant closed down? If there is something new in its location, try that instead. 

Make a CD of some songs that were popular when you had your first date. I remember first meeting my husband and him asking me to Coolio. Not the most romantic first date song, but it’s a special memory for us. You could play this mix of tunes while driving to your date destination.

While on your date, you could have some fun asking some typical first-date questions. At least this time you won’t have that awkward nervousness!

You could even share memories about your first date. What was your first impression? Did you say something that you were wishing you hadn’t? Was there something you wanted to say, but you were too shy? Did something embarrassing happen and you were hoping he/she didn’t notice? 

Have fun creating new special memories while reminiscing about some old ones.  

  Start Every Day With A Kiss

Start by making a list of all the things you love and appreciate about your spouse/partner. Write these on small pieces of paper and place each note in a small bag, along with one chocolate kiss.

Place these in a small decorative vase in an area he visits daily (like beside the coffee maker) or on a table by the front door. You could put a label on this vase with something like “Start Each Day With A Kiss.” He can start each day with his coffee, a kiss, and a sweet reminder of why he’s so loved and appreciated. 

  Our Relationship Trivia

Plan a special date or a couples getaway for your significant other, but keep the destination a secret. Create a crossword puzzle with questions about your relationship. You could ask questions like the date of your first date, which number date you had your first kiss, what the first movie was that you saw together, where you were when you first said, “I Love You,” what your wedding song is, what your first vacation as a couple was, etc. After he’s completed the crossword, he’ll have to rearrange the highlighted letters to figure out your destination.

It’s important to take time to show your loved ones how loved and appreciated they are.  

Do you have a special story to share of a date night planned by your spouse?

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