Here’s to Empowering Yourself – In ALL Areas of Your Life

Women are strong, capable, and tenacious. You need to get stuff done? Ask a woman! We get things done for other people all the time, but when it comes to getting things done for ourselves, we often fall short of the mark. Not anymore. It’s time to carve out space for our own empowerment. Let’s get started!

In Your Home Life

Home should be a person’s “soft place to land.” Sure, we know it’s not always perfect, and sometimes we want to be anywhere but where the laundry and dishes are. The sad truth is that the work at home doesn’t always get fairly shared and many women find themselves picking up a lot of the domestic chores “just because.”
If you’re feeling like things are swinging too far away from fair, and you’re picking up too much of the grunt work yourself, empower yourself and learn your new favourite word d-e-l-e-g-a-t-e! If you have kids, empower them to take charge of some household chores.
Even toddlers can pick up towels for laundry, and kids as old as 10 or 11 are perfectly capable of cleaning a bathroom, including scrubbing a tub. It’s not a punishment to push a vacuum or empty a dishwasher. Families are teams and every player should pull some weight. Plus, you’re doing your children a favour in many ways by preparing them to be amazing partners who share the load later on in life – whether in a shared dorm room or relationships they have as adults.

In Your Sex Life

This is probably the place in your life where empowering yourself will reap the most immediate rewards. Knowing that, let’s dive in!
Sex is great, yes - but good, empowered, comfortable sex is amazing. Know this: you are totally equipped to take the reins in the bedroom (or wherever it is when the mood strikes). You can go all-the-way bold and direct the whole, ahem, show - or start slow by guiding a partner to the right places gently. Here’s a tip, in case you’re feeling a bit shy: If you’re having a hard time looking straight at a partner while making your desires clear, try a blindfold – on both of you. We get that eye contact while announcing something you want to try can be nerve-racking, so find a work around! Plus, blindfolds can be totally hot if you’re both willing to trust.
Ensuring you are comfortable and ready for some great sex can mean many things, but be sure you have access to proper lubrication. Empower yourself by taking a trip down the lube aisle the next time you’re at the drug or department store – or hit it up online if that’s your preference.
Being mentally and physically ready for sex is important. When you need supplemental lubrication, K-Y is a great alternative; they have an incredible line up of products including K-Y Touch 2-in-1 Warming Oil and Personal Lubricant, which can also be used as a silky massage oil. You deserve to feel comfortable during sex, and that’s during partnered or solo events. Speak to your doctor if you have questions about vaginal moisture, and always read and follow the label! Empower yourself to feel amazing with K-Y!


In Your Work Life


Generally, at work, you’re paid to do certain tasks as prescribed, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for personal empowerment. Sometimes it really IS as easy as asking for what you want, and things should be no different in the office, retail space, or boardroom. Asking for something doesn’t necessarily equate with getting it, but if you don’t speak up for yourself, you may never find out.

Think about what you need to reach peak performance. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you are most inspired by money or pay, but for many people, there are other driving factors like work/life balance or delegating/picking up new responsibilities. Ask yourself what you need and want at work and then become empowered by sitting down and having a real discussion about it with your boss or supervisor. You may not get everything you want (what a world that would be!) but chances are you can gain some ground. And bonus: by empowering yourself to be bold and assertive, you gain respect of the most important kind – respect for yourself.

In Your Social Life 

Are you getting enough social stimulation? Or are you getting too much for your taste? Our need for social time with others is rarely in perfect balance. Understanding that the level of social activity you participate in is almost directly in your control is very freeing, and very empowering.
If you’re feeling isolated or without “a village,” think about ways you’d be comfortable asking for one. If you’re shy or introverted by nature, maybe look at exploring one of your hobbies in a social setting. That way, you’d be in a group of kindred spirits, and eliminate one of the hardest parts of forging a new social path: small talk. If you knit, or crochet, paint, love books or movies or cooking, join a knitting group or painting circle or book club. There are many cooking classes available, too, and by being with people who are there for the same reason, you immediately have something in common, which reduces the stress of thinking what the hell am I going to talk to these people about? Make a deal with yourself to go just ONE time. If you hate it, you don’t have to go back, but be honest and fair to yourself before you make that call.

Maybe you’re on the flip side and are finding yourself spread too thin lately. You have the power to say no, so say it more often! No apologizes or rationalizations are needed, either. If you truly do not want to attend an event – for any reason – deliver your regrets and do not go. Stay home or do something else that feeds your soul.

You are a woman and you are amazing. Empowering yourself in some – or all – of the area above is going to improve your life by allowing you to have the room for yourself and others. You deserve to love your life!