Let's Start Making Lube a Priority

Years ago, I sent my partner to the store to pick up some last-minute things we needed for a wedding – last minute things for a wedding we were invited to, oh, eight to 12 weeks prior. (When you have small children, everything not directly affecting their immediate survival is last minute.) I sent him to our local drugstore in a then fairly small community, so most of the staff knew us by name or at least by our faces. Because pantyhose were on the list of items, I had to be very, very specific in what I wanted. (Panty-hose wearers know this; there are approximately 17 different elements to consider when purchasing a pair.)

And so I wrote it down: “Size B, Colour NUDE, sheerest denier possible, sandal foot reinforced gusset, CONTROL top, full size...yadda yadda.” (See? A LOT of criteria.) And then, to ensure he would not buy the wrong kind, I added a PS in the way of “I SWEAR YOU HAD BETTER NOT %^&* THIS UP,” in block letters with a little scowling frownie face, except I did not use the symbols, but wrote “the word.” He returned with the correct pair and when I thanked him and mentioned my note must have been helpful after all, he shrugged and said, “I didn’t even read it. I just handed the note to the clerk.” Takeaway: Buy your own shit at the drugstore.

This lesson goes double for buying especially personal products, like lube. And when you think about it, lube is not that much different than pantyhose in many, many ways:

1. The right one makes you feel amazing.

2. They are different kinds for different needs and different people.

3. You can – and should! – feel comfortable buying lube (or pantyhose!) yourself, because women deserve great sex throughout all of their sexual life stages and honestly, life is too short to be having mediocre, bad, or uncomfortable sex.

I buy my lube at the same place I used to buy my pantyhose (I started passing on hose and opted for Spanx somewhere around baby #2, but my love for lube has not subsided no matter the stage of love or life I’ve been in, and I’ve been in several.)

There are as many reasons for needing lube as there are women; in fact, during 2/3rds of the month, many need additional lubrication. Layer on top of this several other factors in not being able to achieve proper lubrication like emotional/stress driven ones, or estrogen-related causes like changing life cycles or illness and hormonal reasons, and you can understand why women of all ages and stages should feel empowered to purchase their own lube. Just as our lifestyles and feelings change from our 20s to our 50s and beyond, so do our bodies, and K-Y can help you achieve better sex no matter where you find yourself.

Sex is fabulous – but BETTER SEX is possible when you go in prepared, especially with K-Y - the preferred brand most recommended by doctors. I can tell you personally that it can be found in the bedrooms of the active and well-prepared, and I know this because not only do I purchase it for myself, but because I have quite literally “run into” close family members clutching it in the local store lube aisle. Sure, they’ll quickly divert their eyes to the “family planning section” but when you know for a fact that your 67 year-old auntie is likely NOT pregnant, you can quickly ascertain that she’s probably buying the lube and not the pregnancy test she threw into her cart when she spotted you.

So we say embrace your need for lube, women! Whether you are having solo or partnered sex, you deserve to have everything about your experience feel amazing, and one of the biggest things you can do to ensure that is to have comfortable (and hopefully MORE) sex, which funnily enough, tends to happen when it is more comfortable. Sex is important and it’s good for you and K-Y lube is an amazing addition to any bedroom (or glovebox or purse or ... well, I’ll leave it at that and let you decide where you need it.)

We will see you in the lube aisle soon, and when we do, be prepared to lock eyes, high-five each other with our K-Y bottles, and stroll up to checkout together like the amazing, strong, empowered sexual women we are!


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