Get Your Financials in Order for the New (Mom) Year
Every year as the close of summer rolls around, we launch into the season of life known as back to school rush - so let's get it together!
“Dear Amazon. Please come while my husband is at work.”
Growing up in a single parent household, I felt the pressure of money weighing heavy on me throughout my childhood and adolescence.
It took a bit of work to get used to sharing a car, but we’ve now worked it out so that life is much simpler with one vehicle for our family of five.
If you’re like me, hearing “thriving business” and “protein powder” probably makes your skin crawl.
I won’t always be there to walk him through every day-to-day transaction the way I was that day in the store.
It’s the end of the month and financially everything is looking good for our family. Our bank account is healthy, our fridge is full.