Make A Life And A Living

Earning a six figure income from home in the safety training business came easily for me.  I was blessed to work with the world's largest waste company - and for seven years helped them to identify, train, and implement safe working practices for their employees.  But even with success, there came a day when I realized I yearned for something more.      

I was extremely thankful for the opportunity, and loved helping this client reach safety milestones, but my passion was elsewhere. My quiet, ever-so-still inside voice began screaming to be heard.  With the support of my husband, I decided to sell my business, go back to school, and earn a certificate in nutritional consulting.  My passion has always been around food, and the nutrition industry seemed like a natural fit for my love of helping people and my passion for culinary arts.   

However, you can't make a whole lot of money as a consultant.  Don't get me wrong - i think there is nothing better than to do what you love and to work from home. But reality is reality, and when an over-due bill needs to paid, you need to have the income to cover it. When you're a consultant, your time is money.  And with a limited number of hours you can work in a week, you can only bill so much. 

What I quickly realized was that I was never going to reach my comfortable six figures again without an additional revenue stream to take me there. Shortly after realizing this, a childhood friend introduced me to the network marketing industry.  If you are anything like me, your common sense and protective radar kick in with all sorts of warning signals and roadblocks.  You immediately think "pyramid scheme or scam".   

After spending six months researching the truth about network marketing; here is what I know:  I know that the business plan is brilliant. (Just ask two of the richest men in America that own network marketing companies.  Their names are Warren Buffet and Donald Trump). I know that you earn residual income.  I know that when you align yourself with a solid company with a solid product line, you can earn unlimited income working part-time from home.  I know that when you build a team to duplicate your efforts, you are working with friends that are helping each other. 

I also know that I wished I found out about network marketing fifteen years ago - long before I started my safety training company. 

Janice Walker Pinnington is a Nutritional Consultant and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine.  She works with children, adults, and seniors in addressing nutrition, health, and weight-loss needs. Janice is an accomplished nutritional speaker and works closely with healthcare professionals in providing ongoing information, education, and support.  She is also a talented writer and author of Fill Your Plate and Still Lose Weight cookbook. Janice's passion for healthy eating combined with her sincere concern for people make her a primary principal in her field.


You can contact Jan by email at or by visiting for more information.