Why My Husband and I Created A Life Insurance Safety Net

The Truth About Being Human

Why My Husband and I Created A Life Insurance Safety Net

#YMCCommunity member Julie Nowell thought she was indestructible, that is, until she brought a baby into the world. That's when she realized she needed a plan in place to take care of this little girl in case something ever happened...

Julie Nowell

The 3 Chickens And A Boat

I remember there was a point in my life when I felt indestructible. I was young, I was in love, and my future was ahead of me.

Now, I am still "youngish" and while I don't giggle every time the hubby walks in the room, I AM still in love with him, but after saying goodbye to one or two family members this past year, I understand I am not indestructible.

I am human.

And as a human, this too shall pass.

My humanity became real to me when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I was suddenly feeling old, and uncomfortable, and when complications arose during delivery, I saw that despite being a strong, healthy woman, things could go wrong.

And fast.

Holding my new daughter, I understood on a deep level that I was no longer the youngest generation. I had someone I was (hopefully) going to leave behind when I left.

And that scared the crap out of me.

What happens if I go too soon? Who will love her, hold her, teach her, and lead her as she grows. How can we ensure that she has everything she needs?

We wanted some security.

Hubby and I dove in neck deep to prepare for the worst-case scenario. We got a detailed will and an extensive life insurance policy. We left no stone unturned and, with our advisor, created a safety net. Here's how we did it.

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