“It’s totally political,” said the president of the United States, speaking of an alleged sexual assault victim.
Lawnmower Parents
In case you’re not sure how you’re screwing up this parenting thing, worry not. There is a new label out there you’re invited to peruse for fit.
Look South and Be Reminded Why You Must Always VOTE
On Tuesday, the USA held its midterm elections. Here's why that is important for us as well.
Caleb was brilliant and creative and wise, sometimes like a 65 year old man in a six-year-old's body.
For those born in the 70s and early 80s, there are a handful of people whose names immediately bring a smile to our faces. Burt Reynolds was at the top of that
Proving again that fat women can’t just exist without criticism of their bodies, the concern-trolls came out in droves against Tess Holliday's Cosmo cover.
We can’t ignore the misogyny. What exactly does “act like a lady” mean?
When a Favourite Place Becomes a News Story - for Not Good Reasons
There’s almost nothing I like more than enjoying great pizza on a great patio, except now...