How To Create Birthday Celebrations With Meaning

All birthdays have meaning because we’re celebrating the people we love. But what if you could throw a birthday party with even more meaning? One that could provide education for a child, literacy skills for a mother, or food for a family?


Read these meaningful articles and learn how you can turn your next birthday celebration into an opportunity to teach your children about the importance of giving back.

Giving Back to Others: Something We Do Together As A Family
Learn why this mom doesn't force her children to give back but how she's prepared when they're ready to do it.
How To Make Your Child's Birthday Party More Meaningful
My heart sank as I watched my daughter open the excessive pile of gifts she received for her birthday, gifts she didn't want or need. What was I teaching her?

How To Teach Your Children The Importance Of Giving Back
Learn how you can plan your child's next birthday celebration to instill a sense of giving back.
How To Plan A Different Kind Of Birthday Party
I wasn't sure my daughter understood she would receive no birthday gifts if she asked her friends to donate to a charity. She taught me an important lesson.

Kindness never goes out of style and one person is going to find out how her birthday plans will change the world around her.
video message to mom
If you watch one thing today, watch this video of a two-year-old girl wishing her mom a happy birthday. We guarantee it will make you smile.
birthday party loot bags
Loot bags make me loony. There are better, more environmentally friendly alternatives that won't break the bank.
Josh Bar Mitzvah
For my oldest grandchild as you go from a boy to a man on your Bar Mitzvah.
Happy Birthday!
Do you have a "no gift" policy for your kids' birthdays? Why or why not?
Instead of adding to an ever-growing mountain of toys, why not gift kids with this instead?
Does Your Child Suffer from "Affluenza?"
Affluenza – the disease of too much, too soon with no appreciation.The prognosis for the child suffering from this affliction? Not good.
fundraising birthday party
Adding a fundraising element to your child's birthday party can help teach them an important lesson in generosity.