Heeling Hunger

One Fabulous Pair of Shoes at a Time

by: Dee Brun

Put Your Foot in Your Mouth to End Hunger!

Heeling Hunger was born of two shoe-loving women: myself, Dee Brun a.k.a Cocktail Deeva and Marci OʼConnor a.k.a Suzie Swapper.  We wanted to give back and "de-feet" hunger in our own backyard -- that backyard being all of Canada.  Itʼs a complicated task with a very simple solution: trade in your FABULOUS, gently-loved shoes and feed the hungry.

All you need to do is donate your $9 (we chose 9 as itʼs the shoe size we both wear), then post your gorgeous shoes on Facebook.  Finally, pick a fab pair from among the shoes listed for yourself.  You help the Hungry and get a pair of divine shoes!  Win/win!

Our goal is to raise a set amount for each province and territory, right across Canada.  We are starting in British Columbia and heading east.  To date, we have already raised our $350 quota for B.C. and are sending our donation to FBBC (Food Banks British Columbia).  The amount may not seem like a lot, but for every $1 we donate, it buys $3 in food.  Our mission is to keep the money going to the food banks all year long, not just during the holidays.

I put my foot in my mouth on a daily basis, that is why I wear FABULOUS shoes.  Now I am doing it for an amazing cause.  Ending Hunger one FABULOUS shoe at a time…

Cheers to a great cocktail and a killer pair of shoes…

Dee Brun grew up in Oshawa as the middle child of two brothers. From an early age, she wanted to be just one of the boys and was a regular member of the guy gangs her brothers belonged to.

Today, Dee is very much a girly-girl, but in the process of growing up gained some highly classified knowledge and expertise on what makes guys tick. Dee is truly a unique blend of tom-boy and girly-girl, which gives her a creative angle to write about relationships, dating, and everyday life as a woman. A self proclaimed diva and she-devil with a mild shoe fetish, Dee likes to tell it like it is, taking a no holds barred approach to her writing. She will tell you herself that she is missing the “brain to mouth filter.”

Dee lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her husband and children. Visit her website Cocktaildeeva.com or follow her on Twitter at @CocktailDeeva.