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How Far Can One Donation Really Go?

As a parent, one of the things I want to teach my kids is how easy it is to give to others.  But it can feel overwhelming.  There are hundreds of ways we could give back…in our communities, in the world beyond.  But the question looms:  how far can one donation really go? 

We need to realize that when someone lacks the hope or resources to change their fortune… one donation can make all the difference.  Of course it can. 

Realizing that, we need to give where we think our gift will do the most good.  We can see how much is needed today, and are heartbroken at the thought of children going hungry.  Yet we can also see a need to build for tomorrow, to do something that will last beyond today.

So why not do both?  Half of what you can give can go to a local food bank or shelter to put food in people’s bellies and a roof over their head today.  The other half can go to something that will continue to give, tomorrow and into the future.  If you’ve ever wondered if one donation is enough, or need inspiration, keep reading…  

Consider for agricultural gifts that keep on giving, or to learn about village banking and how far even a small donation can go.

What is  They take one gift and use it to create much more.  The gift is given along with training, support and a plan:  to create more and share with others. Imagine the power it would give someone who didn’t have enough to suddenly be in a position to help others.  Go visit the website and see the difference a small donation can make to a woman who needs just $50 as a loan to start her own business.  Learn how these small business loans have a repayment rate of over 97%, in some of the poorest communities in the world.  Impressed yet?

As a parent, this splitting of priorities comes naturally.  It feels like the same approach we take as we raise our children.  There are immediate needs we must meet, but investments in tomorrow that are just as important.  When we care for our children today, we are doing the right thing.  However, it is what we are willing to invest in their futures that will shape their tomorrows.


Fueled by laughable amounts of chocolate and coffee, Jen Taylor is a business owner, wife and yummy mummy to two beautiful kids.  Her kids come first, work second and sanity last of all.  Jen loves to read, write and talk about pretty much anything, and if the latter can be done with friends over wine, all the better.

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