Birthday Gifts That Give

The idea of Giving Back is what ECHOage is all about.

As two mothers who have witnessed the generosity of children and their compassion for others we say "thank you" for leading by example and inspiring countless communities to celebrate and give!

When you ECHOage your child's birthday, it has lasting impact on society. By contributing online instead of bringing wrapped and packaged gifts, children are helping the environment and charities are benefiting greatly from their generous choice to give while also receiving.

Children are opening their minds and hearts and are saying "My birthday can now become a giving celebration for everyone involved."

The ECHO has resonated far and wide. Children have already helped feed over 180,000 meals to hungry families, cabins full of children who have cancer have experienced summers outdoors at camp surrounded by friends, thousands of children now have the pleasure of owning and enjoying their own books to read at bedtime.

As parents, we are aware of the magnitude of this shift in consciousness. Children who think of others and experience the pleasure of giving are paving the way for the next generation of a compassionate and giving society.

We thank our own children for opening our eyes and for leading and guiding us to the creation of "new" traditions that are lasting, meaningful and even more memorable.

To a 2010 that is filled with children who are compassionate, generous and giving!


After picking up their children from yet another birthday party, Alison Smith and Debbie Zinman got to talking about presents, parties and plastic. They knew there had to be a better way. Little did they know, their growing desire for a meaningful solution, could actually spark a movement. After countless meetings in the school playground, in the parking lot and even the planetarium, it became clear - their desire to improve the world, alongside their children, was actually possible.

Time starved, sleep deprived and energized for change, they set out to create - a ONE Gift, ONE Cause, solution to the current trend in birthday party madness. With their combined backgrounds in teaching, design, marketing and motherhood, they believed they could give children a hands-on opportunity to do something for the planet, their peers and even their parents! Without borders and without waste, these two mothers discovered that by actually doing less, children can easily give back so much more.