Two Impressive And Pretty DIY Lemonade Stand Ideas

How To Put Together A Lemonade Stand That Will Blow Your Customers Away

Vintage Lemonade Stand DIY Project

by: Sarah Gunn

Inspired by my love of everything vintage, and by my mom's gorgeous country place by the ocean, I designed an old-fashioned lemonade stand. I created one that could be set up at a summer party with family or friends. I started out by using one of my mom's vintage dressers as the table.

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Low-Cost Lemonade Stand DIY Project

by: Virginia Fynes

To make this stand, you’ll need to take a little shopping trip to the dollar store, everything you’ll need will cost under $10! You may already have some of the supplies at home. You'll ‘wow’ your customers with your outstanding, set up and this exciting lemonade stand will have them coming back for seconds!

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Sarah Gunn has had an addiction to all things interior design for as long as she can remember. When other teenagers were getting clothes for gifts, Sarah was asking for art supplies, serving platters and pretty cushions. She has been known to wait three years for ‘just the right’ coffee table (which, with a glass top, she can’t use anymore until all of her boys, including her husband, grow up). Although she does not live in her dream house yet, beneath all of the toys, she is making it a home one step at a time. 

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