Two Very Different Ways To Market Your Kids' Fundraiser

How To Encourage People To Come To Your Pink LemonAid Stand

Easy Ways To Get Visitors To Your Pink LemonAid Stand

by: Christella Morris

Here are some strategies you can use to help jumpstart an online fundraising campaign like Plan Canada's Pink LemonAid Stand.

Whether you’re fundraising for a local event or a national initiative like Pink LemonAid, sometimes you have to think small. Here's what you can do to drive BIG groups to your Pink LemonAid stand.

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How To Get Crowds To Visit Your Pink LemonAid Stand

by: Julie Nowell

On one weekend, our kids brought in $50 from a lemonade stand. It wasn’t a busy weekend, and we live rural, but nevertheless, the girls, with memories of their cul-de-sac bake sales, FINALLY had the opportunity to sit out front of their home and SELL.

I asked them to share their secrets to selling.

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