Infinity School
Our global economy is changing so rapidly that we have to prepare children for a future we can’t even imagine.
In March 2019, the world was shocked (or perhaps not) when the college admissions scandal dropped. The scandal led to 33 arrests.
The Number One Thing You Need To Know About Home-Schooling
There's no need for panic, chaos or stacks of fill-in-the-blank workbooks.
What goes on in classrooms across this great country of ours has changed significantly since I was a kid in the system 20+ years ago.
Let's be honest: Not every kid is made for French Immersion.
What's up with education? It's about to get a lot messier.
Worms in the classroom? For composting, not dissection.
by: Judy
Mandatory Volunteering For High School
Many parents of adolescents and soon-to-be adolescents have heard of the mandatory community service model for engaging high school students in volunteering.