Strategies To Survive Homework Hell

It's your A+ guide to end homework frustration.

If helping your kids with homework is only adding up to frustration and you’re tired of weeknight hassles, here are smart strategies to teach you and your kids how to finish homework with less stress.

Is homework a hassle at your house? This teacher thinks you can lighten the load on both you and your kids by doing this.
Organized binders on a shelf
Stop the homework hassle with these six must-have items to create a productive workspace for your children.

tips to handle homework stress
Here are some great recommendations for thriving in school without the homework stress.
Learn smart strategies to help your child get his homework done and find out if homework is even necessary for your child to succeed in school.

Want to have your kids finish their homework without the hassle? Here are three common homework habits that you need to break and how to do it.
To the teachers that either of my daughters might have today, this year or for the next 12 years, here is my Homework Manifesto.
You remember your own homework like it was last night – complete with tears and arguments. You can’t face another school year like the last one.
Homework hell just got a bit easier with this handy tip. Now it's up to you to make them do it.
old classroom chair
Why I defied my child's Grade Four report card and the teacher who advised me that I was letting my daughter down.
The six nutritious foods that will help your child concentrate and succeed in and out of the classroom.
School may be out for the year, but it’s smart to keep your kid’s head in the game. Strategies for keeping the kids school-ready, all summer long.
How you can get FREE online tutoring for your kids.
back to school
Acting out may be how your child communicates to you the frustration he feels at school. Here is what you need to ask if you think your child needs help
Cut down on nagging with this top shelf tip that will keep your kids homework and craft clutter off the table.
I am not anti-reading. Just anti-reading log.
Yes, I Pay My Kids For Good Grades
I consider it investing in my kids' report cards so I can get a high return with college scholarships.
The one piece of advice that will teach your scattered child how to become organized and succeed in school (and life).
Grab a coffee and some chocolate to read this article on how to become one smart cookie!
Control the chaos! Strategies to help your child become more organized for the second half of the school year.
If helping your child with math is only adding up to wrong answers and frustration here are four resources to help your kids figure it out.
If you're serious about raising a reader, here are my top five suggestions to keep them reading through the years.
Eight "outside the book" strategies to turn your reluctant reader into a bookworm.
How to Develop Your Child's Love for Reading
Four ways to help your little ones sit through story time and foster a love of reading.
by: Manyaa D
When reading is tough and words become the enemy, can help.
Fun apps that will help to keep your kids’ school skills sharp over the summer and get them off to a little bit of a head start when they go back to school