5 Easy Ways to Ensure Learning (and FUN!) is Happening at Your House

.... and some great gift ideas, too!

Mention "kids + learning" to a parent - especially a parent of young ones - and they'll all agree that it's something they want their children to be doing. Learning opportunities are all around us, from our entertainment, to our relationships, to our homes... and beyond. But yet it's still something that many parents struggle to incorporate naturally into their kids' activities, because too often we feel confusion about choosing the right mix of fun and learning. 

Gift-giving time, like on major holidays or birthdays, can amplify this confusion and parents can find themselves standing before a wall of toys or hesitating to hit "ORDER" for an online purchase because they just aren't sure the item will tick the boxes of being both educational and fun enough that kids would want to engage. 

We think we can be of service here, fellow parents. Here are five ways you can ensure your choices provide age-appropriate, enjoyable, learning activities for your kids - and the kids you give gifts to!