Valentine's Day: Sexy Tips, Sweet Articles, Delish Recipes

Love is in the air so we opened up our hearts to everything Valentine’s Day. What’s sweeter than cute crafts your kids can create? How about learning that chocolate is good for you and the simple way to plan a no-fail romantic dinner. Love yourself by taking a few moments to relax and read our sexy tips, sweet articles and delish recipes that celebrate the most romantic day of the year.

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If the old adage “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is true, these five recipes will make him fall in love with you all over again.
no sex on valentines
Instead of succumbing to the pressure of having Valentine's Day sex, why not do this instead?

A Valentine's Day Gift For Older Kids
A cool way to show your kids you love them by getting them an animal they love.
Making a heart-shaped cake is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – no special pans needed.

Grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter and make these simple sweet treats for the sweethearts in your life.
gluten free blondies with chocolate chips and quinoa
Forget the chocolates and instead get turned on with this gluten-free treat that contains not one, but two aphrodisiac foods.
Surprise your partner with a romantic fondue dinner at home and add in this little tradition to create a little heat.
Caramel Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
A sweet and salty treat for Valentine's Day...or who are we kidding? These are great for ANY day.
Make personalized Valentine's Day cards for your kids and their friends with this free downloadable template and video tutorial.
Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Unique gifts that are as great for the earth as they are your loved ones.
Your kids are sure to fall in love with these tasty treats that are allergy-friendly.
by: Alex Thom
We spend so much time taking care of everyone else but we don't take care of ourselves. Read these eight tips on how to love yourself more.
Having a baby is like throwing a hand grenade into a marriage and other lessons about love I've learned.
single on valentines day
Feeling lonely on Valentine's Day? Maybe this list will make you feel better.
A mix of practical and pretty gift for the person in your life who doesn't like chocolate or flowers.
No time, no money? Here are four ways to make date night in your house happen.
Organizer, rings, and mansion as Valentine gifts
This Valentines Day spread the love to your beloved with these no-fail presents that say, “I love you and all your efficient eccentricities.”
Everyone sees an adoption triangle differently. This is how I define the triad shape for my family.
single on valentines day
Feeling lonely on Valentine's Day? Maybe this list will make you feel better.
What better way to show your love than to roll up your sleeves and actually put heart and soul into a Valentine's Day gift?
You'll love these eight sweet treats your kids can give to their classmates.
Instead of glittery gifts, candy hearts, and chocolate, give your child a Valentine's Day present to help them communicate their feelings all year round.
Take a moment to add a smile to your day and listen to this adorable 3-year-old describe Valentine's Day and love.
If your geeky gal is nonchalant about chocolate and doesn’t care for flowers, check out these seven gifts that will make her inner nerd jump for joy.
This burger playful, yet grown-up burger combines crisp green onions, crunchy onion rings and soft caramelized onions for a taste you'll fall in love with.
Budget-friendly Valentine's Day gifts for your kids all under $20.
valentine's day egg in a basket
Not a fan of chocolate or candy? Beat the sweet with these seven savoury Valentine's Day treats.
'Cuz darling, you give love a good name.
Skip the roses that will be dead in a week and give her this app that will have her love thermometer rising.
Did you ever notice how asparagus looks like a penis? You might want to think about it the next time you bit the head off this delicate spear.
The Bake A Heart Chocolate Cake Kit has everything you need to bake up some fun with your kids this Valentine's Day!
Chuck the chocolates and cast-off the cards, this sweet treat will put you one step closer towards being Mom Of The Year.
Seven romantic celeb couples and how we imagine they celebrate Valentine's Day.
If you want a Valentine’s Day as filled with sweetness as a marshmallow heart, then this post is not for you.
The Beatles had it right—money can't buy you love. Check out these sweet treats that won't make your wallet cry.
Valentine Brownie Sundaes
The perfect dessert for two...or better yet, for one 'cuz that means you could eat both.
Forget store bought. Print off these cute cards and tags from around the internet to make this Valentine's Day unique and special.
How do I love thee? One, two, three, four kid-led activities for little ones to show their love.
Stoke the embers of your love with these tips for a no-fail romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two.
What’s hot, sweet and all worked up into a frothy lather? Either YOU, you romantic minx, or the Valentine’s Day coffee you whipped up for your luvah.
A super simple gift anyone can make even those of us with little to no crafting skills.
Little ones can show their love with these four Valentine's Day crafts for the smaller sect.
So, we can prevent heart disease, cancer, and strokes...all with a little medicinal application of chocolate? We likey.
Bourbon Bananas Foster Recipe
Foster your love of bananas with this bourbon infused recipe that's sinfully delicious.
Don't have the time or money for a night out? Check out these five flicks that will set the mood for a romantic night of snuggling on the couch.
If this playlist doesn't get you any action well then you can always daydream about getting it on with Ryan Gosling. Le sigh.
Bailey's Dark Chocolate Fondue Recipe
Dipping fruit into a chocolate is a Valentine's Day do but if you have small kids, skip the Baileys or it'll be a Fon-don't.
Why does commerce cash in on February 14th when there are so many ways our families' show us love everyday.
Five heartfelt gifts to show the woman you love how much she means to you.
From the adventurer to the closet romantic we have the perfect gifts for the man who sweetens your life.
It's time for some Sexploration. Rev up your love life with these sex....uhhh...six books from Random House.
It's not about expensive gifts or romantic moments, it's about saying "Hey, I appreciate you."
Show your family how much you love them with these easy-to-make chewy brownies. The perfect Valentine's Day dessert.
This decadent dessert would make a wonderful addition to any brunch around the holidays, or a treat to have with coffee and Bailey's.
This year let's celebrate Valentine's Day by fostering friendship among students instead of sending in sugary treats and cards that will be thrown out.
A Yummy Grandmummy goes on a Valentine's Day blind date that ends up with her flying to Vegas to get married. Richard Branson officated. Maybe.
Valentine's Day is a contact sport. Here's how to win.
Lesson 2 in the ultimate Valentine's playbook for dads. 'Hut, hut, hut!'
Lesson 3 in the V-day playbook for Dads - think lingerie, peepshows, and bringing sexy back.
yoga poses for an open heart
Three simple poses to keep you open, energized, and centered.