Inspiration for Mother's Day

A Brunchless Tradition

mother's day traditions

She gave birth to you, raised you, showered you with love and is now helping raise your kids.  Are you really going to show your appreciation by taking her to a crowded restaurant for runny eggs and cold bacon hoping she’ll like the chocolate sampler you just gave her?

Cards and gifts on Mother’s Day are always appreciated,” says Jennifer Kinnon of Hallmark Canada. “But what all moms want more than anything is to spend time with you. So why not do something together on Mother’s Day?

This year, make Mother’s Day special by spending quality time with your Yummy Mummy using these five fab ideas.  It could be the beginning of a new beautiful brunchless tradition!

Mummies Who Spa Together, Stay Together

Take a trip with your mom to your favourite spa! Whether you get a pedi, mani or full day of pampering, you’ll have quality time to chat. Bring a camera and take a picture of you and mom enjoying your day. Frame it and make it part of her gift. Bonus:  You’ll get pampered too!

Bask in the Colours of Spring

Depending on the weather and where you live, pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at your local botanical gardens.  A day of vibrant colours and fab food will leave you both feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  And in keeping with the theme, start the day by giving her a gift of flowers or a flowerpot adorned with a spring theme from Hallmark. 

I Can’t Believe You Made Me Wear That

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – you’ll wonder what she was thinking when she sent you to school wearing a horse themed pinafore – you may even hug a few times. Looking at old photos is a wonderful reminder of all the reasons your mom is so special. Organize an album, or create a DVD and set it to music. Hallmark has a recordable album so you can capture your mom’s memories first-hand.

Share Your Passion

Whether it’s old movies, art galleries or shopping for shoes…. every mother and daughter share at least one passion. Figure out what yours is and surprise her. Don’t forget the camera to capture the special moments you share and make a photo story of your day, a gift she will treasure always.

You Can Learn Something New At Any Age

Learning doesn’t stop because you left school.  Book a class for you and your mom to take together! Make pottery, learn how to scrapbook or study art history. On Mother’s Day, surprise her with a Hallmark reusable jute bag filled with brochures and course descriptions and then get ready to learn! Make it a fun afternoon –bring some treats and a special Mother’s Day mug from Hallmark for the tea.

Say it with a card

Cards are a wonderful and affordable way to show mom how much she is loved. Choose a card that reflects your special relationship and write a heartfelt message or share a special memory that will make her smile (or shed a joyful tear).

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