How To Celebrate The Summer Olympics

Creative Olympic Fun At Home

How To Celebrate The Summer Olympics

If you’ve got kids, chances are you’ve also got wrestling, gymnastics, ball sports, and great feats of superhero-strength and athletics in and around your home every day. But next week, 277 world-class Canadian athletes head to the 2012 Summer Olympics. We have medal contenders, and it’s going to be exciting! All the action doesn’t have to be in London, thoughthere are so many easy, uber fun, and wallet-friendly ways to share the spirit here at home.

 Barbecuing on July 27th? Make it an Opening Ceremonies event! Hang a flag and some coloured poster board Olympic rings across the garage, and have guests come in their patriotic reds and whites. Start it off with a cardboard cone and streamer Torch Relay up the street!

 Lead a "Parade of Athletes" around the block. Have children pick a favourite sport, dress the part, make flags, and choose a stuffie mascot, too!

 Channel all that Brave and Hunger Games buzz into skill-testing archery fun! Faux bow and arrow kits are family-friendly and are sure to be popular!

 Mark out a route and clock your bike, board, and scooter riders around it! Or your swimmers in laps across the pool.

 Tape streamer ribbons to wands, hand out hula-hoops and balls, and encourage the "athletes" to perform their own rhythmic gymnastics pre-dinner show.

 Take friends, a potluck picnic, and a bag of balls, pylons, and frisbees, for a trip to the park for races, long jump, shot put, and discus, too. Badminton, volleyball, and T-ball also work well. There are great deals on packages that include everything you need.

 Create your own “freestyle” Olympic eventscroquet, cup-stacking, water balloon toss, mini water melon toss. Yes, make it wacky if you likewhatever gets the gang out! Better still, a Triathlon of your favourite three. Oh, the fun!

 Rainy day or a crafty crowd? Break out construction paper and pipe cleaners for go-on-forever Olympic paper chains and stackable Olympic Ring arm-bands. Blue, Gold, Black, Green, Red, Repeat!

 Think Olympic snacks and treats. Alternate strawberries and mini-marshmallows on kabob sticks for our Team Canada colours, cupcakes with candy rings on them, or ice cream cone “torches.”

Wrap it all up with chocolate “medal” ceremonies from your porch or patio podium, remember to sing O Canada, and be sure to take pictures! This is how memories are made, and your event will be all the talk ‘til Labour Day.

What are you doing with your family for the Olympics?

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