Horrors! It's Halloween!

Ghosts, goblins, coffins and candy...the spookiest holiday of the year is hiding around the corner waiting to jump out and say Boo!  We put our fiendishly creative minds together and are going to share our scary secrets for making this the best Halloween ever.

So grab yourself a glass of Ghoul-Aid and learn how to make this Halloween terrific-ly terrifying—although probably not as terrifying as your kids after eating a bucket of candy.

Seven steps to make this the most spooktacular Halloween ever!
These frightening fingers may look horrifying but we guarantee your little ghosts and ghouls will gobble them up!

roasted pumpkin seeds
Sweet or salty: You can make these easy roasted pumpkin seeds to suit your cravings.
Halloween Cake Pops
Turn a scream-inducing creature into a drool-inducing dessert-on-a-stick.

Halloween is here and one complaint you'll hear about this holiday is that some trick-or-treaters are too old to be looking for candy. Well I say: Get Over It!
teenagers halloween
This is the one simple rule to follow when it comes to Halloween and teenagers.
"And your skin falls off and everything..." Shudder. 3 things to do or say when your kid freaks the crap out of you by saying something super creepy.
Instead of stressing about candy overload, use it as a teaching tool with these go-to solutions to put an end to the candy frenzy.
A ghoulishly good guacamole makes a spook-tacular snack that will have heads spinning.
Glow Stick FAQ: What You Need To Know Before You Buy
Important safety information to consider before you purchase glow sticks for your kids.
The monsters of Monster Squad
Not a fan of being afraid? These five Halloween movies are just scary enough to be enjoyable.
Would you buy your young daughter this version of a firefighter's costume?
Do you know how many minutes you have to work out if you consume one piece of Halloween candy? This may scare you into not stealing your kids' treats.
For families with children who were adopted or children with special needs, Halloween can be a difficult time. These 8 tips can help them stress less.
Devious ways to use up the heap of Halloween candy your kids brought home.
If you're attending a Halloween party this year, get down and get spooky, but be aware of these terrifying dos and don'ts.
Tips To Help Your Child See And Be Seen This Halloween
Don't let your child's vision get in the way of having a spectacular time on the spookiest night of the year.
Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to get really creative with your decor. Here are five fang-tastic ways to add a little haunt to your house.
Five fang-tastic DIY Halloween decor ideas to make your haunted house the spookiest spot on the block.
Granny Smith apple slices with a bowl of caramel sauce
Don't get yourself in the sticky spot of making caramel apples. Mix up this sweet sauce for an after school treat your kids are sure to eat.
Chicken wings help to create an eerie turkey trick that will have your kids screaming with delight.
halloween costumes
Halloween doesn't have to be a nightmare for kids with special needs thanks to these tips that will make trick-or-treat trekking fun.
You don't have to be a baker to enjoy this fun, family-friendly activity that will help you celebrate Halloween with your kids.
by: Lara Katz
Five boo-tiful craft creations that are fun, simple, and inexpensive.
Get Halloween inspiration from these spine-chilling DIY costumes found at Fan Expo Canada.
Cinnamon brown sugar pumpkin seeds will rock your world.
1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds provides almost 1/2 your daily magnesium requirement. This year after you carve your pumpkin make this great snack for your family.
by: Alex Thom
Ghostly good treats your kids can share with the whole class.
Gone are the trick-or-treating days of our youth when parents would send kids out at 5:00 with instructions not to come home until the pillowcase was full.
Five ways your kids can still have a howling good time minus the candy.
Your kids will howl with delight when they sink their fangs into these five frighteningly good books.
It's not a trick. Your kids will have a spooktacular time with these apps that will get them in the Halloween spirit.
Don't spook our cherished kids and precious planet. Read and adopt these simple suggestions for a smarter, eco-friendly Halloween.
Celebrities like to have fearsome fun on Halloween but it's these five stars who take costumes to a whole new level.
Simple spooky silhouettes that will add style to your Halloween.
No guts, no glory...a screamingly scary way to cut your pumpkin while sipping a creepy cocktail.
Creepily cool crafts to keep your kids busy.
Ghoulish games for your ghosts and goblins so they'll have a frightfully fun time.
Cool costume ideas and pumpkin designs from Halloween 2011
For many parents, the scariest part of Halloween is trying to find a creative costume for their kids. Check out these ghostly good ideas.
Scare up some fun with these frighteningly easy Halloween costumes.
Find out how FARE's Teal Pumpkin Project will keep allergic kids safe this Halloween.
Dear Parents Of Children Who Have Allergies: If you spot a teal pumpkin this Halloween season, it's not just an on-trend decor choice.
by: Alex Thom
Want to decorate for Halloween but not sure where to start? This Halloween printable art will have you howling with delight!
Kids love helping in the kitchen! Here is a yummy Halloween dessert the kids will be more than willing to help with.
Kids love eating Halloween treats that have a small amount of the grossness factor mixed in. Here is the perfect dessert to fill that need!
Halloween doesn't have to be all ghouls and ghosts. Check out these decor ideas that will bring Halloween glam to any grown up party.
Here are a few gourlishly gourmet (yet frightfully simple) treats to serve at your Halloween party.
Check out these spooktacular Halloween party décor ideas for kids.
For most, Halloween is a night of fun but for kids with allergies or food sensitivities it could be life threatening. Cancel Halloween? Heck no!
The most frightening thing about Halloween could be all the waste. Check out these scream-free ways to be eco-friendly on the scariest night of the year.
It's time to party like the undead! I took a ghoulish tour around the internet for Halloween inspiration. Check out these boo-tiful and scary Halloween ideas.
As a frugal family, we won't be shelling out huge cash to party it up on Halloween. Here's how to save money on October 31.
According to a recent survey, way too much money is being spent on Halloween celebrations. Here are some tips that will make your wallet a little happier.
In this day and age, Halloween is about dressing up, pulling pranks and candy but, as with most traditions, there is more to the story.
Whether you're planning a thematic Halloween gathering or just in for a good time, here are some wines to pair with this unearthly night.
Warm Mulled Apple Cider Recipe
Why did the apple cross the road? To get in'cider this cider.
Looking for a fun and easy Halloween party dessert idea? Try this spider brownie tart, the kids will them!
Halloween ‘tricks’ and ‘treats’not loaded with sugar? All it takes is a little 'hocus pocus'!
Looking for some Halloween-themed books that are a bit spooky without scaring the pants of your kids? Here are some of our favourites.
Things get REALLY scary at Halloween when we strive to legitimately secure the title of “Scariest House in the Hood.”
We have an annual adult only costume party at our house. And if you show up at my door without a costume on, you can't come in.
Your kids will howl with delight when they sink their fangs into these five frighteningly good books.
Eat a brain, grow an alien and create a geyser with these great ideas to make Halloween gruesomely fun.
Don't be afraid of not having any Halloween treats for your kids. These last minute candy cookies will have them cackling with delight.
Pumpkin Squares with Cream Cheese Icing Recipe
These simple treats are very similar to carrot cake. You'll be sure to win the best dessert of the night, fair and pumpkin square.
Quick Ghoulish Brownies Recipe
Your little goblins will howl with delight when they sink their fangs into these gruesomely good snacks.
Arrrr matey. It's a simple way to outfit your pirates and turn your princess into true royalty this Halloween.
Pie meets cookie when two of your all-time favourites mesh together to create this delicious dessert that is sure to become a family fave.
by: Lara Katz
Non-Toxic Halloween Makeup
In a study conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, it was found that the majority of conventional Halloween makeup on the market contains heavy metals.