Our Gift to You: Epic Holiday Survival Guide

From DIY ornaments to great holiday tunes and great gift ideas to your favourite holiday movies, from stress-free holiday meal planning to fun decor ideas for kids, we have your 2014 holidays completely covered so you can sit back and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

From DIY ornaments to great holiday tunes, from little black dresses to easy cookie exchange recipes, from great gift ideas to our favourite holiday movies, from stress-free holiday meal planning to fun decor ideas for kids, we have your 2012 holidays completely covered so you can sit back and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.  - See more at: http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/life/celebrate/ymc-2012-holiday-guide#sthash.2SEKKXEn.dpuf
Thanks to this make-ahead menu you can spend your Christmas morning with the family instead of in the kitchen.
Before the register rings, relax and read this page filled with great gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Get your sparkle on with holiday fashions that will have you stepping out in style that's worth celebrating.
Don’t stress about entertaining this holiday season! We put together a page filled with everything you need to serve your guests without breaking a sweat.

Have your most enjoyable holiday ever with just a little bit of planning - and make next year's festivities easier in the making.
Focus on family, not food with these five ways to avoid food fights with your kids and have fun over the holidays.
Holidays can mean extra stress for moms. Use these seven tips to save your sanity so you can enjoy your time with family and friends.
The shopping is done. The baking complete. You've wrapped all the presents. It's time for a treat.
Candy Cane Brownies Recipe
Earn brownies points when you serve these squares that combine a chocolatey chewy sweetness with a minty crunch.
Then the floral designer thought of something he hadn't before. An easy way to create your own Grinch tree to accent your holiday decor!
Only a blender and six ingredients are needed to create holiday cheer with this perfect homemade gift.
Decorating for Christmas in red and white never goes out of style. Check out why this colour pairing is fresh, fun and yummy.
Five tips to help your sensitive child survive and thrive throughout the holiday season.
Be a Christmas morning superstar with these make-ahead muffins that will tame the hunger monster until the real breakfast is served.
Forget the traditional wrapper paper this year and go for something much more original—like duck tape!
Chefs, stylists and designers: We went to the pros to find out how to create delicious meals, decorate with flair, and dress with style this holiday season.
A Pinterest-worthy cookie that can be made with very little effort.
Holiday Mimosa
Start your Christmas morning off with a little sparkle by sipping on this seasonal mimosa.
Instead of adding to an ever-growing mountain of toys, why not gift kids with this instead?
Need to know how holidays work during separation or divorce? Welcome to my world. Here are 5 things that I'm doing to stay sane, be merry, and deck the halls.
Mini trees are a great, affordable option. And you can switch them up every year without breaking the bank.
photography, bokeh
Bokeh is when you take a photo that focuses on an object and has a blurry background that may contain lights, shapes or random swirls. This is how you do it.
Homemade Vanilla Recipe
Only two ingredients are needed to make this food gift for friends, neighbours and colleagues.
Ditch the stress! Here's five simple tips to make your holiday prep a little bit easier.
Sarah shows you how you can create beautiful holiday-themed word art to suite any décor. It’s easy, it’s fabulous and it’s budget friendly!
Nights, days, magic and traps with a side order of aunt thrown in. It's the definitive list of books set around the season of magic.
This sweet and salty combination is an easy and delicious festive treat that makes for a great holiday dessert or gift.
These are a fun and easy Christmas craft for kids of all ages and adults can take it one step further with spray glue and glitter.
santa was here - written in snow
How can Joe stick to his honest approach to Christmas with his kid while ensuring she doesn't ruin it for others?
It's time to make your holiday card list and check it twice. Use these five steps to wish everyone in your life a Merry Everything!
We went to the smartest moms we know to find out how to make our shopping smart, fast and easy—you!
Minutes to make, memories forever. Three cute keepsakes to celebrate your baby's first Christmas.
Andrea Nair and her Mom
Are you experiencing grief and loss this Christmas? What is helping you get through the season?
Hosting a party this holiday season? Pretty up your table with one of these gorgeous centrepiece ideas!
Don't be a scrooge, use these tips from the past, present, and future to create a Christmas filled with joy.
There will be no more candy coating your floors and counter top. Mess-free cane crushing is in the bag with this trick.
Holiday Gifts Made In the Kitchen
Fast, easy and fabulous festive gifts for the frugal.
Yes, *insert name of your skeptical child here*, there is a Santa Claus!
gingersnap cookie tower
'Tis the season to fill your house with the smell of ginger and molasses and this recipe for chewy gingersnap cookies is just the way to do it.
Guns, Grinches and Griswalds. We have the best movies to put you and your family in the holiday spirit.
Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money but we had something even more valuable—love. And that’s what I want to pass on to my daughter this Christmas
How to Survive Holiday Baking with Children
Cook up some fun with these seven tips to take away the stress, and the mess, of baking with kids.
Sometimes a blue Christmas is a good thing. How pretty are these inspired spaces?!
Give yourself a break and enjoy the holiday treats that you love—the holiday season only lasts about two weeks, after all
Last Minute Candy Cane Kisses Cupcakes Recipe
Short on time? Create candy cane delights using this go-to recipe for a delicious treat.
This holiday season create a fun, interactive dining space just for kids. 'Cuz if they're having fun at their table, you'll have fun at yours.
No need for balls and bows when you have brown craft paper, paint and a little imagination.
A decorated tree is a huge part of Christmas but what kind should you buy? Weigh the pros and cons of a real tree vs. an artificial tree.
With a few simple additions, including art, small trees and festive textiles, a bedroom can go from everyday to holiday.
With a little paint and some stickers, you can make your own DIY ornaments to suit your a Christmas decor scheme of your choice! They're easy and frugal. | Holidays | Crafts | YummyMummyClub.ca
Get out your paint and ribbon! Sarah has a DIY Christmas ornament craft that is done in three simple steps.
A picture perfect photo display for less than $10.00.
When it comes to holiday wrapping this year, why not think inside the box?
Chewy Glazed Gingerbread Stars Recipe
Simply the best gingerbread you will ever eat.
To regift or not to regift? That is the very important question this holiday season.
These simply sweet treats are easy to make, leaving you more time to find joy in the season and a moment or two of peace.
Ever wonder how many calories are in that holiday dinner you're eating? Here's what to avoid and what you can scarf down and enjoy.
Why spend so much time making gifts look so pretty when the wrap is ripped off in an instant and immediately thrown away?
You don't need a lot of money to show friends you care, just a little time and these super simple recipes will have you giving gifts to everyone you love.
Make the most of your shopping with these five steps to keep it simple and a downloadable spreadsheet to keep you organized.
Little chocolate discs topped with cranberries and nuts create the perfect fusion of sweet, salty, creamy and crunchy.
holiday hairstyle for kids
Bring out the bobby pins for these holiday hairstyles that are a shear delight! Your little girl will be cute, coifed, and camera ready at all your events
Toddler Christmas
A list of gifts perfect for a toddler for those of you who are on a limited budget.
Let it Go, Let It Go, Let It Go. Check out these three ways to keep calm and carry on throughout the holidays.
Keep the kids entertained, reduce your refuse and get a head start on next year's holiday decor with these decor ideas from recycled cards.
The Mark Hotel bathroom in mint and black.
Five easy things you can do to turn your ordinary bathroom into a lush oasis and give your guests the ultimate hotel experience.
celebrate christmas
Set the mood with these tips and tricks to plan a holly, jolly Christmas party.
This decadent dessert would make a wonderful addition to any brunch around the holidays, or a treat to have with coffee and Bailey's.
Ten ways to cope with holiday stress so you can celebrate instead of feeling irate.
Annabel contemplates seven words that reflect the true spirit of the holidays.
Teaching Kids About Holiday Giving
Get your kids into the spirit of giving this holiday, with these five fun ideas that celebrate what the season is all about.
mint chocolate almond cookies
Can a vegan, gluten-free cookie that's packed with protein and fibre actually taste good? This one does!
Seven ways to teach your children that Christmas isn't just about the gifts.
From art to chalkboard drawings, Sarah offers five great alternatives to a real Christmas tree.
Christmas recycling
The presents have been unwrapped and the boxes abound. Here are six ways to be mindful with your holiday waste.
Creating My Own Holiday Traditions
There are no elves or shelves in this holiday tradition, only the big guy in the red hat and coordinating outfits.
The spirit of the season isn't in the Pinteresty perfection of it all.
holiday breakfast strata
The best part of this recipe is that you assemble it the night before and in the morning you just throw it in the oven.
Having kids with holiday birthdays
Do you have any kids with birthdays around the holidays? Or is your birthday during the holidays? How do you make it special?
dark chocolate bark with peppermint pieces
Fifteen minutes and two items create this easy dessert treat your guests will love to eat.
Sarah's been caught red-handed with her obsession for this Christmas colour combo. Luckily, she's tickled pink to share it with you.
If you and/or your family is dealing with grief these are some ways to help get you through the holidays.
Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe
You'll be doing the Charlie Brown happy dance when you bite into one of these delicious peppermint patties.
So parents I give this last present to you. Not wrapped in a box, in a sock or a shoe...
In anticipation of a week cooped up with my husband’s family I need your help! What tips do you have to 'survive' holidays away with your kids?
Three ways to enjoy the holidays without having it turn into a Christmas cry-fest.
This dark moist cake topped with homemade whipped cream will have you dreaming of the east coast and quiet afternoons at the pub.
The Inbetweeners
Remember the days when we could freely wish someone a Merry Christmas without feeling like we just kicked a three legged puppy?
The "I can't believe it's vegan" hostess gift.