Gifts From The Heart

Rather Than Load Up On Toys, Start A Few Holiday Traditions This Year

Christmas is coming and the sales have started. Everywhere you look there are messages on the latest gadgets to buy to make those special people in your life happy.

I’m not saying you should ignore your inner consumer, but the recent roller coaster ride the dollar has taken has led our family to rethink our spending this holiday season. Instead of spending all our time in the mall, we plan to spend some time together making a few special gifts for those we love:

Christmas is a time to indulge a little. Bake a batch of shortbread cookies or hand dip some double chocolate truffles to fulfill someone’s sweet tooth.

The kids seem to grow and change so much over the year. Create calendars with photos of the kids or family to send those who are not able to share these experiences with you first hand.

Who wouldn’t like a week free of doing the dishes or the laundry. Create personalized coupons giving people free time or time doing something they love. I know my daughter would love time on Webkinz more than any toy in the toy store.

Create unique note cards or stationary with stamps, stencils and stickers. Personalize them for each individual you’re giving them to. Include a few stamps to make it easy for distant friends to keep in touch.

My kids love stories, especially when someone else reads them. Record yourself reading a family favourite on an old cassette or burn onto a CD for the kids to play whenever they want (and you don’t have to worry about the third or fourth request to read it again).

We will still be in the stores buying a few choice gifts. But I know my family will have more fun baking cookies for grandma then fighting the mall crowds. All the gifts will be loved, but the ones that will be remembered will be those from the heart.

Merry Christmas!


With a background in advertising, Carrie Anne Badov left the agency life to spend more time with her three energetic and active kids (age 6, 4, & 21 months). At home in Toronto she works for advertising agencies testing their Client’s online communications; a cool job, according to her kids, especially when games are involved. Carrie Anne volunteers at her children’s school and when time allows she works on her children’s story ideas in the hopes of some day seeing one of them published. She is very fortunate to have a deliciously, wonderful hubby that supports and understands her and gives amazing back rubs.