Easter Tricks, Tips, and Treats

The Easter Bunny is on his way. But don't worry, we've got you covered with these tips and tricks to help you entertain, get creative with the kids, and maybe even make a treat or two. That means come April 5th you'll be fully prepared. Don't you just love a hoppy ending?

If your kids are fussing around like an old hen, keep them busy with these three cute chick crafts—just in time for Easter.
Mini Egg Shortbread Cookies
Make Easter even sweeter with these simple to make cookies that look as good as the taste.
by: Alex Thom

Your kids will love these alternatives to chocolate and you'll be jumping for joy because they won't be all hopped up on sugar.
Colour your kids happy with this to-dye for Easter craft that's egg-stra special!

peanut and nut free easter treats
Be diligent when it comes to reading labels on Easter treats. While the front of the package may read 'Peanut-free' this doesn't mean it's safe.
by: Alex Thom
Add a little colour to your cookies by adding Mini Eggs along with chocolate chips. It's a double dose of chocolate and a double dose of fun.
Add a little Easter to any room with these great DIY Easter egg ideas
We're raising a toast to this recipe that's a little bit French toast, a little bit waffle and a big hit with the whole family.
Eight alternatives to chocolate eggs and treats that will have your kids hopping for joy!
Vanilla Cupcake Recipe
Moist, melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes that can be turned into an special Easter treat by placing an Easter Creme egg in the centre before baking.
Bring a hint of Easter delight to your table with these inexpensive and easy to make napkin rings.
A few of my favourite Easter-inspired jokes you can crack out during your annual family brunch tomorrow.
Hop on over to your neighbourhood toy store for Easter fun without all the sugar.
While parents are thinking outside the basket this Easter, let's not feed into the spending trend and instead work on raising gracious, grateful kids.
But was it really overzealous parents or just poor planning?
Sock Easter Bunny
Even with no sewing experience you can upcycle old socks to create a cuddly bunny.
Did you know that seeing food can actually make you feel hungry? Use these four steps to control your urge to overindulge on chocolate this holiday weekend.
Keep the kids hopping and happy with these four steps to set up an Easter egg hunt to dye for.