Celebrate Chinese New Year In Style

Bang a gong, dinner’s on!! 2014 is the Year Of The Horse which means there could be travel in your near future. Celebrate this Chinese New Year on January 31 with these Asian inspired decor ideas and recipes to create your own festival at home.

A Family-Friendly Chinese New Year Celebration
Here's how you can throw a simple Chinese New Year's celebration for your family.
Chinese New Year Food Adventures
You don’t have to go anywhere to have your own Chinese New Year celebrations, with a few Asian inspired elements, you can have a themed dinner at home!

Bang a gong, dinner’s on!! Celebrate Chinese New Year and serve up a side of symbolism with your Szechuan.
lotus in pink dress
My love affair with Chinese culture began when I was a kid, now in our Jewish, Christian, and Chinese family, we get to celebrate all the major holidays.

Try this quick and easy Chinese New Year themed dinner party the whole family will enjoy
Did you know that dumplings symbolize wealth in China? Make these delish dumplings that don't cost a lot of money and taste above par.
Healthy and nutritious, this easy-to-make meal is ideal for a weeknight dinner when you need something that cooks up in a flash.
by: Lara Katz
Whip up a batch of this kid-friendly chicken fried rice that's ready in less than 10 minutes.
Chicken, Cashew, Sugar Pea Stir-Fry Recipe
The sweetness of the sauce mixed with the crunch of the cashews and the tender pieces of chicken makes for a quick dinner that's a delight.
Wok the wok with this classic Asian recipe with a Canuck twist. Can you guess the secret ingredient?
Steak And Black Bean Sauce Recipe
A quick stir-fry for busy weeknights. The key to this easy, family friendly recipe is prepping all the ingredients before you begin.
This recipe for Crispy Orange Beef will leave you speechless–mainly because you are trying to fit more of it in your mouth.
Chicken Chow Mein Recipe
Serve this simple to make chow mein meal with fortune cookies and mandarin oranges and you'll have your very own Hard Wok Buffet.
DIY Kung Pao Chicken Recipe
A Chinese restaurant fave, this easy-to-make Kung Pao Chicken has a bit of bite!
Asian Noodle Salad Recipe
Use your noodle and make this kid-pleasing recipe that's great for a quick dinner or to pack up in school lunches.
Spicy Sesame Broccolini Recipe
You'll love this cross between Chinese broccoli and regular broccoli that gets a bit of zing from a spicy sesame dressing.
Sweet and Sour Chicken Stir Fry Recipe
Substitute your kids fave veggies in this simple stir fry and they'll be running, not wok-ing to the table.