Happy Canada Day: Fun Activities, Cute Crafts, Fab Foods

Fireworks, festivals and food! This July 1st marks the 147th birthday of Canada. To celebrate our love of everything Canuck, we put together this page with fun activities, cute crafts and fab foods that shout "We're proud to be Canadian." Grab a cool drink and let's celebrate this hot holiday. It's Canada, eh to zed.

Show your Canadian pride and celebrate Canada's birthday with these super simple red and white crafts with maple leaf flair!
Celebrate your country with these five family friendly activities, eh.

Canada Day Banner
Celebrate Canada Day and add some maple leaf flair to your decor with this banner that uses simple household items.
Nanaimo Bars Recipe
This quintessentially Canadian creamy confection is the perfect way to end a Canada Day meal.

canada day flag
Hot men, cold sports, and the irony that our Great White North is filled with colour. Find out the hundreds of reasons why we love Canada.
by: YMC
maple leaf craft for Canada Day
Get your glitter on with this Canada Day craft that will have you sparkling with pride.
Red, white and chew! Fresh strawberries combined with a sweet cream cheese topping and crunchy graham cracker cookies make a decadent Canada Day treat.
When I saw the Canada themed decor in Style at Home Magazine, I was inspired to look for art that celebrates our home and native land.
What's more Canadian than bread made with beer, eh? This dense loaf pairs perfectly with bison or steak.
Canada Day Parfait
The perfect dessert to top off your Canada Day celebrations—a red and white parfait!
Maple Ginger Cedar Planked Salmon Recipe
A salmon recipe that your whole family will love? Yes, it's true—you can plank us later.
This is probably “not cho” first thought when it comes to BBQ fare but, here's a cheesy yummy treat to serve on our country's special day...
Caesar Cocktail
How Walter Chell—the inventor of Canada's iconic cocktail—EVER came up with the Caesar is beyond me. Clam juice? Really?
We'll keep this short and sweet. It's a full-taste version of the Canadian pastry we all love with only half of the work.
Surrounded by Canadian cookbooks, I read about a thousand recipes, and each one reflected Canada in some way.
Skip regular barbecue sauce and add a bit of Canadian flair to your meal with these ribs that celebrate the Great White North.
It'll be a sweet day when you master the art of the tart and bake up these buttery delights.
This dark moist cake topped with homemade whipped cream will have you dreaming of the east coast and quiet afternoons at the pub.
Calling all parents! Here's a handy list of restaurants that will let your kids eat for free!