Mothers Day During COVID: How to Make Mother’s Day Meaningful

Ideas For At Home or If You're Celebrating Your Mom From a Distance

It looks like for the second year in a row, many of us will be in lockdown for Mother’s Day which means there are no spa escapes for moms who have been spending 24/7 with their kids for the past year.

There will be no cute handmade gifts sent home from school and while some of us are with our kids we can’t forget about those who will be spending it without them, or away from their own moms.

Yes, it's different, once again, however, there are still ways to make it special, it’s time to think outside of the box.

Breakfast In Bed AND Clean Up Afterwards:  

Bring mom her favourite breakfast and let her relax in bed. You can either make your own breakfast (little ones can even tackle a simple breakfast like Sprinkle Pancakes with a little help) or check your area for local businesses where you can pick-up or have a brunch delivered. But the biggest part of this gift is the gift of a clean kitchen when it’s done so mom doesn’t have to lift a finger. If you’re celebrating away from your mom now is the time to embrace technology. Set up a Facetime or Zoom Meeting and eat your breakfast together, apart.

Family Cleaning Day

When we asked moms on Facebook the majority said they wanted:

1) Someone else to do the cleaning

2) Time alone

You can give her both by allowing her to stay in her bedroom (or some other area of the house away from everyone) while the rest of the family does a family clean from top to bottom.  This includes toilets, and if you have teens, please return all the dishes and cutlery you currently have hoarded in your room.

At Home Spa Day

In keeping with the request for alone time, why not set up her bathroom with a warm bath, candles, and a Spotify list of relaxing music. Then whisk the kids away to another area of the house so she can enjoy the peace and quiet. There’s still time to order products from local small businesses to make her spa day even more special.

Gift Cards For Local Restaurants

This is a win/win/win. A gift for mom, a meal she doesn’t have to cook, AND supporting small local businesses.

Time Capsule

Get your kids to create a time capsule that you can all open years from now and look back at this topsy turvy year we've had. If you need some inspiration Long Creations has made these sheets for both adults and kids. They also have "All About My Mom" pages the kids can fill out and colour.


Create a booklet of coupons that mom can redeem at any time for things like household chores, quiet time, or a night off from making dinner. If you’re feeling uninspired there you can print out premade coupons here and here.  

Pom Pom Flower Bouquet

While you might not be able to buy flowers right now, crafty kids (with a little help from another adult in the house) can make these cute pom pom flower bouquets that will last forever.

Digital Books

You can never go wrong with books. Reading provides an escape outlet during this time. By downloading digital books for mom you can escape the worry that her gift you ordered won’t arrive on time.

Painted Rocks

The painted rocks with messages of hope trend has died down but who's to say we can't make it happen again?  Have your kids paint rocks (which will keep them busy for a few hours) and on Mother’s Day you can all go on a family walk (following the COVID rules in your area) and place them out for others. There’s nothing like spreading joy to make Mother’s Day special.

No matter how you celebrate this year, moms, we hope you take the time to acknowledge how incredible you are. You've got this.



Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst, Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst, Photo by Aliis Sinisalu on Unsplash