Your Heart Will Grow 3 Sizes with this DIY Grinch Tree

It's as easy as one, two, three!

The Grinch Tree is a fab little number!  

The moment I saw the contemporary little trees being created by Bruno Duarte of Fresh Florals while at Deerhurst for the weekend, I knew I need one to complete my holiday decor! They are so quick and easy to make — as easy as one two, three!

How To Make Magazine Christmas Trees

What you will need:

Small tree (I used a lemon Cypress — smells sooo good!)
Wire (a gauge that bends easily)
Christmas ball



Step One: Plant your tree on an angle
Step Two: Wrap wire up and down the tree while bending it into an arc.
Step Three: Hang a ball on the end!
Super simple with creatively cool results!


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