Planning Ahead for Halloween

Don't get caught unprepared for the spookiest night of the year!

Halloween is my favorite day of the year. And though I don’t limit myself to dressing up only on Halloween, I do spend months planning my costume. After all, I want my favorite day to be full of awesome memories of me looking fabulous! Planning is key, especially if you’re finding the right dress for your little princess or the perfect hat for your miniature Indiana Jones.

Here are some of my go-to strategies for making the most of Halloween without stressing yourself out.

Start planning Nov. 1st
The best time to buy Halloween items is right after Halloween. Everything goes on clearance, and you can usually find a pretty decent selection. Whether it's decorations, costume items and patterns, or treat molds, you’ll be able to find something Halloween-themed that you love for half the original cost. You also may be able to get in on some leftover candy.

Think ahead
The sooner you start conceptualizing your costume, the sooner you’ll be able to start looking for the pieces to make it happen. This way you won’t be pressured to spend more than you want to on an item just because you’re in a rush. When you’re designing your costume, keep in mind that the end of October is pretty chilly. Make sure you—and especially your little ones—are wearing thicker fabrics and maybe a costume-themed coat.

The more people you have involved in your Halloween plans, the more fun you’ll have. Plan a Halloween masquerade or an anime-themed bash. Your friends most likely share your interests, so an out-of-this-world event that matches those interests will surely be a success.

Make sure you don’t buy a bunch of stuff you’ll only use once if your friends have something you can use. Offer a trade of clothes, accessories, or even hairstyling and makeup services.

DIY when you can
You’ll save a lot of money by making things yourself, but if that’s not your skill set, you can find plenty of things. Consider replacing store-bought makeup with a homemade recipe. These are usually easy to mix, better for your skin, and less expensive.

Focus on the small stuff
The perfect necklace or the wrong pair of shoes can make or break a costume. You’re more likely to get compliments on the details of your ensemble, so think about those little extras that make your costume pop.

There are some tasks that everyone has to do, like plan their own costume. Make sure you know who’s staying home to dole out candy. If you’re hosting a party, you have to decorate and provide treats for everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to contribute and help out. The more the merrier!

These are just some tips to make the most out of Halloween. If you start planning now, you’re sure to have the best holiday ever! What are some of your secrets to throwing the best Halloween party or putting together an awesome costume?

Marie Sumner enjoys writing about entertainment and art. Her favorite thing is helping her friends and their kids find the perfect costume for conventions, parties, and holidays. She writes for Wholesale Halloween Costumes.