Making Hockey Fit

My Review of the 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan

My Review of the 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan

We asked Canadian Writer, hockey mom, and YMC Member Rebecca Cuneo Keenan to test drive a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan. Read Rebecca's story...

Rebecca Cuneo Keenan

Playground Confidential

So hockey season is here again! And this year I will have two kids in hockey! And if I add enough exclamation points to my writing, I will sound really cheerful!

I actually am excited about Irene playing hockey. She's naturally athletic and competitive and I think she will be great. I also want to encourage my girls to pursue physical activities that celebrate strength and skill without added body image pressures. The local hockey league has a girls-only practice that will help her fit in, Ed will coach the team and she has a pink helmet. What more could I want?

*cough cough* MINIVAN. *cough cough*

Okay, fine. You guys win. What do you want from me?

When Mary was first born and I could have earned an engineering degree fitting three car seats across in our backseat everybody kept saying, "Get a minivan." But I was determined that we'd be just fine as long as we could fit the seats in. And we are just fine if fine means really, really cramped.

I didn't even realize HOW MUCH MORE ROOM a minivan has until the good people at Chrysler were all, "Here, try this Dodge Grand Caravan out and see how your hockey gear fits."

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Rebecca is a Toronto-based writer and mom blogger.

She laughs at herself at Playground Confidential, if only to keep from crying. Please pull up a seat and let her shortcomings be your entertainment.

Rebecca’s writing has appeared in Today’s Parent,, Spacing, Eye Weekly, and among other publications.