Dodge Grand Caravan – A Great Fit for My Family

My Review of the 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan – A Great Fit for My Family

We asked Canadian Writer and YMC Member Deborah Coombs to test drive a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan and compare it to her current 2009 model. Read Deborah's story...

Deborah Coombs

Raising My Boys

A few years back, when Little Boo was getting a little bigger and his brother was heavy into karate with all its accompanying gear, we decided we needed a bigger vehicle. We were carting around a lot of stuff, and we wanted to do it more comfortably. We were also spending about 2 hours each day commuting with our hyperactive preschooler. It wasn’t a pretty picture.

We realized we were in minivan territory.

After a bunch of research, reading lots of reviews, comparison shopping, we decided to go with the recommendations and buy a new 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan. We opted for the full entertainment package with a DVD player, satellite radio, and Bluetooth connection for our phones. We loved it!  And we still do, but it’s time to think about trading her in for a newer model. Naturally, when the opportunity came up to test drive and review the new 2013 Grand Caravan for YMC, I jumped at the chance!

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Deborah is a single mom and step mom to two young men, navigating life as a new widow. She likes to think of herself as a foodie and has been known to buy her grown step-son’s love and attention with elaborate home-cooked meals. Her younger guy, however, would live on plain pasta if she let him, and though she hasn't yet given in to the temptation the thought has crossed her mind. If she’s not in the kitchen or behind her laptop, you’ll likely find her in the garden with her tomatoes and herbs. Deborah is a dedicated social media professional, content creator, brand ambassador, and blogger at She likes her wine red, her chocolate dark, and her martinis dirty.