Can't Remember Where The Fuel Door Is?

Sometimes it happens. Don't worry—you are not alone.

You pull up to the gas station and can't remember which side your fuel door is on. Or maybe you took your second family car (that you rarely drive) to work instead and you need to fuel up before going home. Or you have a brand new car or it's a rental. Take a look at your instrument panel—most cars have an arrow next to the fuel icon that indicates which side the fuel door is on.

Emily is a proud mom of two energetic boys. She owns and operates AutoNiche, a family-friendly auto repair shop in Markham. She is a licensed Automotive Service Technician, and Automotive Writer with various publications. She also teaches in the Automotive Business School of Canada at Georgian College. Emily holds a degree from the University of Waterloo in Psychology and Business, and her previous jobs include Psychometrist and Human Resources Associate.

She has appeared on various media including Breakfast Television, Cityline, and the Marilyn Denis Show. She is passionate about her work; together with her staff, AutoNiche’s purpose is to bring better communication and client service to the auto repair experience.