Personal Finance Apps to Help You Keep Your Money in Your Wallet

Today's best apps to help you manage your budget

finance apps

Before the Internet age, people sorted out their personal accounting using ledgers and pencils. They even drove clear across town to pay their bills before businesses closed for the day.

That was then, and this is now.

If you have a smartphone, a data plan, internet access, or wi-fi, you never have to leave the sanctity of your home, or coffee shop for that matter, to check your accounts or make payments. Transferring funds, sending money by email, paying bills, and checking statements are easily accomplished wherever you hang your hat as long as you have access to the Web.  

How is this possible?

Apps - these are software we download to our internet ready devices that assist us in finding five-star restaurants, affordable car insurance, or a great parking spot. The web is full of apps catering to everyone’s specific needs. Some send notifications when a credit card balance is too high or when a payment is due. Others help us stay on budget, and some track our spending. Personal finance apps will always keep you in the loop without breaking a sweat. Here’s a list of personal finance apps that might help you achieve your goals.

Mint: Android/iOS

Mint takes the stress out of budgeting. It lets you check financial tasks like accessing your account balances in real time and syncing your bank to your credit card account. The basic model is free, but you can opt to pay for premium features. Some of its elements include transaction categorization, notifications when budget limits are exceeded, and there are opt-in push notifications related to your bills. Mint is free, easy to use, is connected to many financial institutions; and is now available in Canada.

Wally: Android/iOS

Wally is a secure app that quickly takes control of your finances with its easy to understand user interface. All of your financial information is at your fingertips and easily accessible. Create and view your expenses as well as track how much money you save in your account. Another interesting feature to assist you in your savings goals is a colorful infographic showing not only how much money you spend, but where it was spent. At this time, Wally says its service is 100% free of charge. For your convenience it allows you to change currencies which is useful when traveling in different countries.

Spendee: Android/iOS

Spendee is a visually appealing and user-friendly software offering a choice of free and paid subscriber plans. Paying users enjoy unlimited wallets and budgets whereas the free version is restricted to one wallet and one budget. Take pictures of your receipts and upload them to Spendee’s storage area. This app makes great use of infographics helping consumers track where spending occurs most, and what purchases are seen most often. The free user account is more than enough for the average person unless you need to create multiple budgets and share a variety of wallets with friends and family. Allows the user to change currency which is perfect when traveling.

Goodbudget: Android/iOS

Goodbudget is an electronic envelope system of tracking household budgets and expenses but without using paper. This app saves you valuable time because it is easy to understand, so there is no need for complicated tutorials to explain how it is used. Store all information into each of the twelve provided envelopes and it will keep track of income and spending. This app syncs with internet ready devices and is a highly simplistic but efficient way to pay bills, save money, and budget for upcoming vacations among other things. There is no learning curve to this software, and it is available in many currencies.

Receipts: Android/iOS

The most attractive feature of this Canadian app is the ability to snap pictures of records of sale or receipts which can then be filed according to expense types. There is no need to stuff slips, vouchers, or chits in kitchen drawers, shoe boxes, or envelopes any longer when this app is downloaded. Invoices will be retrieved by the touch of a finger from whatever device Receipts is on. This budgeting software will keep all relevant financial data on hand in an organized fashion. Attach voice memos to each transaction detailing pertinent information so that information is as detailed as possible. Receipts is available in different currencies.

Fudget: Android/iOS

Fudget is a simple budget planner with many useful features. It does not have any categories to sort through and no charts to decipher. It is a no muss no fuss app that keeps lists of your incoming and outgoing expenses as well as a balance tracker. It allows you to star important features like income and expense so that it repeats on upcoming budgets. It offers a choice of currencies which is useful when you’re on vacation. For those who like to receive newsletters just go to settings and sign up. This app is downloadable on any electronic device.

Unleash your inner banker!

Choose the appropriate personal finance software for your budgetary needs and take control over your spending habits. Empower and motivate yourself by tracking your hard earned money, paying your debts in a timely fashion, and stop living paycheck to paycheck. Get your expenses under control so you can achieve financial independence. This experience is available to all consumers who aspire to become monetarists, but along with using apps to guide them, they have to show some restraint in spending to see results. Let your cell phone help you get ahead, enjoy a more comfortable life, and stop the money madness!

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