5 Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

We Tested 'Em

Confession: I don’t wear deodorant (or antiperspirant) anymore.

I used to wear it every day. And then I discovered that skipping it wouldn’t mean I’d be revoltingly stinky, and I got scared of the potentially harmful chemical ingredients found in conventional deodorants, so I stopped using it altogether. I figured that even after a long run, while I’m certainly not as fresh as a rose, I don’t have that overwhelming, distinct B.O. smell, either — so why bother?

But with summer fast approaching, and many long, sweaty runs in store, I decided to give natural deodorant a shot. I tested out five different products and found they all worked fairly equally at keeping me as odour-free as one can expect after a run, but there were pros and cons to each. Click through for the scoop.

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