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“Did you actually say that?” my friend claps her hand over her mouth, stifling a laugh.
It’s the end of the month and financially everything is looking good for our family. Our bank account is healthy, our fridge is full.

Why would we want quiet when we could have music? Music is awesome. Quiet is boring.
Even for people without clinical anxiety or depression, decluttering can be a much needed mental health and self-care boost.

“Your daughter has the most stunning hair!” a random stranger says to me, while I’m shopping with my 2-year-old at Walmart. I smiled.
Parchment Paper Hack
Yep - there is a wrong and right way for best results.
"Good moms" buy healthy cereal! Who should start their day with sugary crap?
When I was four-years-old, I would return from a long day at daycare and greet my collection of dolls warmly.