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While anxiety is and always will be a part of our lives, it’s critical that we help our kids to manage and cope so that they can tolerate the uncertain.
c-section scar
I never looked at it and I never ever touched it. I felt like my body would bust open and I would bleed out if I did.
by: Jenn Wint

Mom and teen
Gone are the days of babies and toddlers, Mommy & Me groups, and support networks of parents all going through the same struggles.
"You think my favourite food is salad?" I ask her. "Yes," she answers simply, "it's the only thing you ever eat.

I will be eternally grateful for my persistence and the good fortune that came my way. It could have been so much worse.
Envy. It’s one of those emotions we chastise ourselves for. We push the feeling down, and tell ourselves it’s a negative way to think. But what if it's not?
couple in bed together
If you find yourself wanting more sex but don’t quite know how to have that conversation, you’re not alone.