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The library was my refuge - a place of excitement and a safe haven.
This is the travel review that's going to make you want to jump in the car Griswold style and get your butts to Washington.

I’m not a fan of horrifying slasher Halloween flicks; they’ve never been enjoyable for me.
People living with depression, as with any chronic illness or condition, are often bombarded by unsolicited advice from well-meaning loved ones.

The mother-of-three version of me knows that treating my kids differently doesn’t mean that I don’t love them the same.
I was a lifetime pleaser of people, desperately seeking their approval so that I would feel loved.
There is a reason I am a writer. I’m better able to communicate electronically, and I form better relationships through my computer than I do in person.
I grew up loving books. I was fascinated by them. I read everything I could get my hands on. And then I stopped.