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They try, and we encourage. No matter how many times they get it wrong, we keep encouraging them to try.
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You know what one of the worst parts of living in a large, fast-growing community that is primarily comprised of kids? Portables.

At first, I thought it was the tuna salad from the cafeteria. I was feeling – off.
Is homework a hassle at your house? This teacher thinks you can lighten the load on both you and your kids by doing this.

I was a fatherless 19-year-old, wounded from a lifetime of disappointing men, when I met Daniel, the man of my dreams.
The thing I get called brave for the most is discussing my experiences as a fat woman. And that bothers me - a lot.
“Dear Amazon. Please come while my husband is at work.”
These are the games you will ALL look forward to playing come the rainy fall days ahead. (And one you won't.)