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Two years ago, I shared with you my decision to let my silvers shine. I was still at a point where there wasn’t a lot to cover up.
I looked at the clock. I had five minutes before I had to leave to meet my friend at her place. I was wearing the same shirt as yesterday.

Am I socially awkward? Well, I may have been voted Most Likely to Say “You Too” When Someone Says “Happy Birthday.”
It’s scary. In fact, on the first day, many parents sit in their cars and cry. Handing your child over to another person is hard!

Why would we want quiet when we could have music? Music is awesome. Quiet is boring.
Even for people without clinical anxiety or depression, decluttering can be a much needed mental health and self-care boost.
“Your daughter has the most stunning hair!” a random stranger says to me, while I’m shopping with my 2-year-old at Walmart. I smiled.
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