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My daughter was dancing around the living room as soon as she could walk, so as soon as she hit two and a half, we signed her up for dance.

I was pretty shocked to see how many moms in my local moms group said they would never allow their children to sleep over at a friend’s house.
teenagers and sex
It's my job to educate my daughter about contraceptives and the importance of using them, but outside of that I don't have a right to the intimate details.

Good friends are hard to find. Sometimes, too many times, as kids we think we’ve found our BFF only to find out we were wrong.
Before I became a mother I hadn’t realized how all-consuming motherhood and family life would become.
Why do moms feel the need to justify doing things that benefit them? I’m guilty of it.
Friendship between females can be one of life’s most fulfilling – and also complex – experiences.