10 Tips for Gardening on a Budget

Don't Let Your Green Thumb Put You in the Red


Spring is definitely in the air. With the warm weather, green thumbs (big and small) start to tingle with the need to get out and start gardening. You don't need to spend a fortune on plants and equipment for your garden if you follow these ten easy money saving tips:

  1. If there's a horticultural society in your area (Google search or call your city hall to inquire), they'll often have plant sales and joining is a great way to meet fellow gardeners and exchange ideas and even plants and seeds.
  2. Check with your local gardening store. Many offer FREE classes on gardening. Knowing what you're doing and what to plant can save a lot of money in the long run.
  3. Check on Craigslist. Often times people are changing up their gardens and getting rid of plants (large and small) and landscaping items for cheap and often FREE (if you remove and take away).
  4. If you're a reader and planner, check your local library for landscaping and gardening books and don't forget local thrift stores like Value Village if you'd prefer your own copy you can mark up and put notes in. A good book on gardening never goes out of date! And the internet is an endless source of advice and resources.
  5. Ask your friends. It's amazing when you start putting the word out how many plants you can acquire.
  6. Shop end-of-season clearance sales. Wait until the end of the season and many garden centers blow their entire stock of perennials (they're the type that come back every year so you don't need to keep replanting).
  7. Check your local thrift store or Value Village for gardening tools. Some of the best ones are the ones that have lasted long enough to be passed on!
  8. Start small with a veggie or herb garden and you can even help save money on groceries in the summer months.
  9. Remember plants take time, energy, and water to maintain and keep healthy. It's easy to get caught up, but be sure you'll be able to manage the garden you're planting. That's a reminder to myself more than anything!
  10. This likely goes without say—have fun! If you’re having fun the investment (little or small) is always worth it and a garden is a great learning opportunity for kids.

Danielle Connelly is the owner of Mother of a Deal. Mother of a Deal is every Canadian mom's deal hunting best friend, bringing the best deals, money saving tips, and coupons to you every day (and twice a week in a newsletter)!