Rotating Seasonal Wardrobes

The Clothing Switchover Made Simple

Spring is approaching...are you ready? Is your closet? Is your child's closet ready?

Didn't think so.

To start getting you and your family organized for the new season, I encourage to conquer your closets! Set aside an afternoon, follow my tips below, and I promise your family will be more than ready for spring in no time!

  Empty and Sort

Pick a closet - I'll use my son Ryker's closet as an example. Empty everything onto the floor. I said EVERYTHING! Bring in bins of spring clothes, dump those on the floor as well. Now start sorting. Create four piles: keep, store and swap. All winter clothes you don't want to part with can be sent to the basement.

  Measure Up

Now that you have agreed to part with many items and made room for more, you'll want assess the layout of your child's closet. Determine what set-up will leave you the most room and use only shelves, boxes, organizers and bins that maximize the space. There are very inexpensive organizing tools available that can help you make the most out of a give space.


Identify "outdoor" items and move the gear to front hall closets or a "mudroom." Snow boots, Rain boots and Jackets don't need to be in your child's bedroom.

  Fold and Hang

Determine what needs to be folded versus hung. Sweaters should always be folded as hangers will ruin the shape over time. If you plan out these piles first, you won't run out of space or try to cram 10 sweatshirts in one drawer.

  Reflect on Routines

Think about how your child gets dressed in the morning and be sure to organize accordingly. Make items that are worn most frequently very accessible.

  Box and Label

If you decide to keep shoeboxes or store off-season clothes in bins, be sure to label everything from the outside. Post-its do the trick! This will help you stay organized all year long. Next fall when you start unpacking winter clothes you'll be glad you took the time to label boxes.

  Go Shopping or Get Swapping!

Clothes that your kids have outgrown can be exchanged for spring or summer clothes on swap sites such as thredUP kids. For my closet, I use - the swap service for men and women's clothes. If you'd exhausted your swapping ammo, start shopping (I recommend consignment and thrift stores to save money).

You'll have plenty of space in your child's closet for new items if you followed my tips! Don't forget to hit up your friends and family for swap parties and hand-me-downs!

Carly Fauth, Chief Mom at thredUP kids, worked previously in Public Relations and Marketing and has years of experience using social media. She is the proud parent to Ryker Fauth - 9 months old - and is thredUP’s in-house resource on all aspects of reaching new moms.

Carly grew up in New Jersey and graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in Communications.