Organizing Your Closet

Achieving Your Closet Zen

Do you ever dream that you walk into your closet and it’s perfectly organized? Every item has its place, everything is organized by colour, every accessory has a compartment and you can find your favourite dark denim skinny jeans in a split second? No, you aren’t on an episode of Cribs sneaking a peak at your favourite celebs closet, you too can achieve this zen like state.


Are you holding onto clothing from high school? Do you have a closet full of items of various sizes? Or are you using your closet as a storage area, keeping items that you never wear?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above then you are not alone. Women hold onto clothing for many reasons and most often we have some sentimental attachment to it. If you have not worn something in a year – pitch it. Did I make you cringe? Still with me?


Ask yourself one simple question: how do I get dressed in the morning? May seem basic but it will give you some hints on how to best arrange your closet.

Do you like one area for your work and another for weekend? Or do you prefer getting dressed based on colour? Having subcategories, like grouping all separate jackets, separate pants, suits, blouses, together makes getting dressed in the morning even easier. And blocking suits and shirts by colour is not only the most visually appealing, but it makes recognizing what you’re missing even easier.

Place the items that you wear most frequently at the easiest and most accessible place

Having all the same hangers is always nice but it is difficult to keep up. Instead I opt for the hangers my garments came on, that way I can easily identify the item. I do the same thing with my shoes. By keeping the boxes they came in and having the label facing me I can grab my favourite pair of black pumps in two seconds flat.

Folding your sweaters by style and giving each style their own pile not only keeps things tidy but it also makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

Use trays or clear plastic drawers to separate your jewelry and belts. Having these items right in front of you in the morning helps insure that you won’t forget them.

Erin Nadler is the President of Better Styled, a one-on-one shopping experience in Toronto that helps busy mom’s on the go make wise fashion choices. Additionally Better Styled offers closet organizing and closet assessment services, helping women ease her closet stress. Erin has been featured on Canada AM, CHCH, and in Flare Magazine, Chatelaine, The Sun, and Macleans to name a few. Her vivacious, enthusiastic and kind personality makes her a trusted ally in building your own personal image.