Here's Inspiration to Finally Clean Up Your Clutter

Say no to nails and so long to screws. Now you don’t have to commit to your custom organizing solution until you’re 100% sure it’s perfect. With Elmer’s Freestyle products you simply stick on, peel off, and re-stick until it’s just right.


Spring into action and check out these ingenious places to hang your kids art, learn how Stick ‘em Squares will make it so you never have to nag again and watch random acts of organization that will inspire you to organize your own small spaces.

Erica Ehm gets an organizing intervention to help clear away the mess that’s cluttering her workspace.
How you can take your messy front hall closet from messy to organized in under an hour.

No time? No budget? Watch how you can make a functional art area for your kids quickly and easily.
Creative Ways to Display Your Children's Art
Is your fridge door full? Showcase your kids' art in these 5 ingenious places you couldn't use....until now, thanks to Elmer's Freestyle products.

How you can get rid of the out-of-control clutter and turn your bathroom into a serene space.
The One Tool You Need to Never Lose Track of Your Tasks
Make good habits stick easily with Elmer's Freestyle products so you can stop nagging your family about household chores.
Messy Desk Before
An easy way to clear up the clutter with Elmer's Freestyle products so you can surround yourself with inspiration and motivation.