Your First Step to a Bold and Bright New Year

One of the simplest ways to feel that freshness of the New Year is by flipping through crisp, clean pages of as-of-yet unmarked daybook or calendar.

Hello there! Congrats; we made it! We’ve put 2017 to bed and we’re on to even better things for the coming new year. Whether your 2017 was good, bad, or “thank-goodness-its-over,” 2018 is brand new and the story is still unwritten. If 2018 were a car, it would still have that amazing smell, and no toddler has spilled milk in the backseat yet - that’s how fresh and full of opportunities it is!

A new year holds so many possibilities, and one of the simplest ways to feel that freshness is by flipping through crisp, clean pages of as-of-yet unmarked daybook or calendar. Take a minute to look through the blank white space of your new planner, and visualize all the colour yet to be inserted into 2018 – both literally and figuratively!

Treat yourself to a year of possibilities and gather the following: a new daybook or calendar. (Make sure to pick one suited to your needs. Some people are fine with just a master calendar for each month and a few small lines for daily chores, whereas other families need a huge block for each day to accommodate all their activities.) Whether you go big or small, make your 2018 bright and pretty with Sharpie and Paper Mate. Mark up your daily tasks, monthly to-do’s, and quarterly chores in bold colours, because somehow even “do your taxes” becomes less of a chore when presented in a happy pink.

By taking an hour now to look ahead at your year and designate dates in your 2018 planner, you’re not only getting a jump start on getting stuff done, you’re crafting the feel of your upcoming year. Make sure to balance the mundane (oil changes, dental checkups) with some bright flecks of fun, like making random days new “family” holidays. All of a sudden June 13th isn’t just a Wednesday in the spring, it’s “Parker Family’s Annual Ice Cream for Dinner” day!

You take care of the customized family fun, and we have you covered on the must-do front with our downloadable and printable pdf of reminders for filling out your 2018 in a beautiful way.

Print out this valuable resource to use a thought starter for all those things we forget come up in the year, and head over to Walmart to select a fabulous new planner and a few packages of Sharpie markers and some smooth Paper Mate InkJoy Gel pens (bonus; they don’t smudge – for real!) Grab a latte, and what you have now is an amazing afternoon and a new year of bright and bold possibilities.