How Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen Can Save You Money

Are you a food hoarder?

I’m going to just come out and admit it: I have food-hoarding tendencies. No, that’s not accurate. I am an actual food hoarder. A RECOVERING food hoarder.

Let me explain: I am also an obsessive meal-planner, and fresh food does not go bad in my house. I use up all the fruits and vegetables I buy, every week. But I also cannot pass by a sale on cereal or certain canned goods without clicking my heels and loading up my cart.

That is, until recently, when I did a major kitchen purge.

I am here to tell you that if you have an hour or two to spare, use it not to google what is Hamilton and why is everyone so into it, it’s too late to really ask anyone without sounding stupid, but instead spring clean your kitchen. Then, follow a few simple steps to help you, too, curb your inner food hoarder.