YMC Vim PowerPro Naturals Review

Mummies Dish The Dirt On Bathroom Cleaning

YMC Vim PowerPro Naturals Bathroom Review

YMC partnered with Vim to help test their all-new, naturally-derived bathroom cleaner. With 98 percent naturally-derived ingredients and the same power as their other bathroom cleaners, they believe this stuff is great. But, they wanted a mummy seal of approval so we found 100 moms willing to put Vim to the test. Each mom was sent one bottle of Vim PowerPro Naturals Bathroom and asked to clean, clean, clean.

Here’s what they had to say…
  Aimee P. from Rosedale Valley, AB
The Vim PowerPro Naturals bathroom cleaner was pleasantly different. I especially liked how powerful it was against soap scum, without needing a lot of soaking time or elbow grease. I must say, my bathtub sparkled after a good scrub.
  Carrie L. from Lloydminster, SK
With two small children under the age of three, I always try to use a natural based cleaner and the Vim cleaner did not disappoint! I liked its fresh scent and noticed it wasn't overwhelming like some. I would definitely buy this cleaner again.
  Charlene B. from Richmond, ON
Admittedly I'm a bit of a clean-freak so I was looking forward to trying Vim PowerPro Naturals out. We live in the boonies and our water supply comes from our well... which is very very hard. Even with a water softener lime scale is a constant problem. I was hopeful Vim would tackle the lime stains...and it did to a certain degree. I have to admit to being surprised that a natural product could do this.
  Lynn L. from Surrey, BC
I have always been skeptical about natural products and the claims they usually make about how well they clean. Using them in the past has given me failing results and they usually end up in the garbage. This time it was totally different. Vim PowerPro Natural Bathroom cleaner has a star spot in my cleaning supplies. Not only did it clean amazingly well but the smell is pleasant and my work was half done by the product.
  K. Peters from Edmonton, AB
I live in an area with very hard water so I end up with a film of precipitate on the ceramic sinks, toilets, floors. Other products I use do the job - mostly. What really stood out for me was how quickly Vim PowerPro Naturals Bathroom worked to remove the dirt and precipitate film. I didn't have to scrub hard and there was a beautiful shine left.
  Alana B. from Regina, SK
We have three boys under the age of four and they are ALWAYS crawling around and playing in the bathroom. Vim PowerPro Naturals did an excellent job of cleaning. It took all of the sticky fingerprints off of the counters, removed the soapy film around the bathtub, and even cleaned around the toilet easily. I would certainly buy this product again and recommend it to other moms who have kids who love to play in the bathroom.
  Truly and Kyle from Oshawa, ON
The spray itself is heavy which is advantageous in that you’ll need less to clean more. One spray was sufficient in cleaning our sink thoroughly. My only constructive feedback would be with regards to the smell. Although the scent is pleasant just one spray can be fairly strong. Consumers with an aversion to fragrances may find the scent overpowering.
  Andrea A. from Calgary, AB
As the mom of five boys I am always looking for cleaners that will do the job quickly, effectively and safely. Vim actually did what it said it would do. It cleaned my bathrooms - the toilet, shower and sink looks great. In my opinion, this is a wonderful product that I will absolutely buy for my bathroom cleaning needs. You have converted a skeptic!!
  Tara C. from Brantford, ON
I have 3.5 year old twins, one with respiratory issues (and a tracheostomy tube) who shouldn't be exposed to harsh chemical cleaners. I've tried different "natural" cleaners on the market, but they didn't clean as well as I had expected or there was still an underlying harsh smell. Vim PowerPro Naturals Bathroom cleaner smells awesome, and works just as well as I would expect from Vim. I will buy this product again, and will recommend it to others!
  Deanna P. from Kamloops, BC
I was only able to try this Vim product once as I found the smell of it far too strong and over powering for me. (my sense of smell is very strong and hyper sensitive at the best of times and even more so when pregnant).
  Audrey C. from Cranbrook, BC
I paint in acrylics, do crafts and am an avid gardener. My husband does woodworking, carves and gardens with me.  Our bathroom takes quite a beating and getting it clean can be quite a chore. Vim did a very good job of removing the grunge from the sink and bathtub. I haven't used many natural cleaning products before but will continue to use Vim.
  Betty S. from Prince Albert, SK
I have never tried Vim before and am very impressed with it! It left the sinks, counter tops and fixtures all shining - no streaks. It washed away soap scum build-up and hair spray residue on the counter tops. I especially liked the clean smelling fragrance. I will certainly recommend it to family and friends and will keep it in my cleaning supplies!
  Ashley S. from Nanaimo, BC
I really like the smell of the cleaner which lingers for quite a long time. It’s a bit soapy, so use sparingly, a little goes along way. Rinsed well, it leaves no residue. Just love the smell! Would definitely buy this product!
  Tracy S. from Delta, BC
Vim PowerPro Naturals Bathroom has a pleasant clean smell and I have been using it to clean the dried up toothpaste left all over the counter and sink that my son so kindly leaves for me every day as a reminder that yes, he did brush his teeth. Vim does a fantastic job of getting it all off very easily
  Jennifer W. from Toronto, ON
I'm a mom to an 8 and 4 year old and also have scent allergies so finding a good cleaner that does not induce an allergic reaction is hard.  I liked the scent, I liked that it cleaned well (including that patch of soap scum that my husband always seems to miss in the shower) and that it left the tub squeaky clean. I've already recommended it to my mom!
  Aimee P. from Rosedale, AB
I especially liked how powerful it was against soap scum, without needing a lot of soaking time or elbow grease. My main complaint is that the smell, at first, is quite strong. I had to open the door and turn on the fan in order to withstand the strong scent. On the other hand, after I was finished, everyone remarked how clean the bathroom smelled.
  Jennifer K. from Edmonton, AB
I generally don't by the green products because I always had the image of them not cleaning as well as the harsher chemicals. However I actually love Vim PowerPro Naturals Bathroom. It cleaned the bathroom wonderfully and didn't leave any streaks on the facets. I am very impressed and will be using this product from now on.
  George M. from Hebbville, NS
I have used Vim products in the past, but I am very impressed with this new environmentally friendly Vim. We have a busy household and when it's my turn to clean the bathroom I am looking for something that does the job efficiently in the least amount of time. Vim gets high marks from me and it is something I would recommend to my friends.