How to Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

A great kitchen is efficient and elegant, combining function and form. It’s where you concoct culinary creations and have great conversation with friends and family. Whether you want to transform it from top to bottom or simply update it and get organized, you can remodel your kitchen and turn it from drab to fab. It’s time to make your dream kitchen a reality. 


We’ve put together these ideas—from appliances to design—to inspire and revitalize your kitchen.

Tips that stack up and will leave you with dishes that are squeaky clean! How to load your dishwasher in ten easy steps.
If you want a functional kitchen that looks fabulous it's important to know how to spend your money to make the biggest impact.

Maija put the new Frigidaire Double Oven to the test and cooked a dinner and dessert at the same time. Did her cookies end up tasting like salsa? Find out.
Don't let the bird get the best of you. Our Canned Soup Mom gives you step-by-step instructions on how to cook a turkey dinner your family will gobble up.

Tips For Finding Your Dream Kitchen
Want to turn your nightmare kitchen into a dream room? Start with these five tips that will have you creating comfort food in a comfortable room.
Are the contents in your fridge becoming a science experiment? This guide will help keep it clean, and safe, for your family
With tea towels, napkins and cloths piling up it was time I devised a new system for tackling our kitchen laundry.
If the prettiest thing in your kitchen is the view out your window, it is time for a change.
Do you love your kitchen? Me neither. Practical tips and ideas on building yourself the kitchen you covet!