All The Things You Didn't Realize Really Smelled In Your House

Your Family Isn't As Sweet As You Thought

by: YMC

We hate to break it to you, but your house probably smells right now. As we write this, WE probably smell right now.  

Have you ever gotten on an elevator with someone wearing a strong cologne and it’s overwhelming? But by the time you reach the 30th floor, it’s almost (but not quite) bearable. Or you make an amazing garlic-laden dish that permeates the entire house and within an hour, you don’t even smell the garlic anymore? 

Most likely, this is your home right now. It smells, but you’re immune to detecting it. Almost like how you can tune out your kids calling mom from another room 23 times in a row, but now it’s your nose instead of your ears. This year, Febreze surveyed Canadians and found that over two thirds (69%) of Canadians experience unwanted smells in their home (and that was before we were all spending so much time indoors!).

However, once in a while that immunity wears off and you catch a whiff of something. Something so offensive, you need to take action. Welcome to Household Smells. A fun game where nobody wins… until now. 

These are the top eight smells you may encounter throughout your house and how Febreze can help you tackle them. May the odds be ever in your favour.  

Your Partner: We’re not sure when showering became optional, yet here we are. Listen, we get it. There’s a fair number of us who are unmotivated to take part in our regularly scheduled hygiene which has done great things for our hair, but not for our noses. We’re all dealing with self-isolation the best we can. At this point you have two choices: 1) Hurt the feelings of the person you are self-isolating with or 2) Activate a Small Spaces Febreze and you’ll be good for the next 45 days. 

Your Partner Part II: Maybe your partner has decided working out is the best way to de-stress which is great for both physical and mental health. However, the sweaty clothes and shoes are having the opposite effect on you. A quick spray with Febreze Antibacterial Fabric Refresher kills 99.9% of bacteria that causes odours.

Your Teens/Preteens: Same as above but add in hormones. (Pssst... Ever wonder how Febreze works so well at eliminating odours? Check out a list of ingredients and how they work here).



Pets: You love your pets! In fact your dog is the unsung hero going on walks two, three, and sometimes four times a day with nary a complaint but you can smell that doggo before she even enters a room. Then there’s the cat litter box. Also, godspeed to all of you who have hamsters and rabbits right now. Febreze Air Effects, Linen & Sky to the rescue

Laundry: Is it Blursday or Blurghday today? Nobody knows anymore. Last week we threw a load of laundry in the washing machine and forgot about it. The smell we encountered when we opened the washing machine door two days later was one we’ll never forget. 

Your Baby: Actually, not so much your baby. Baby smells are the best! The top of the head? It’s addictive. But we could do without the dirty diaper pails, or the constantly growing pile of baby laundry (see laundry, above).  



ALL THE FOOD: Remember when we used to complain about making school lunches? LOL! By the end of the first month we estimate we had made 1,132 meals, give or take. Unfortunately, more meals at home means more food smells in the home. Febreze Air Effects will get rid of the odors and leave your kitchen and home smelling fresh. Speaking of food... did you know that Febreze is formulated with many ingredients derived from nature? Cyclodextrin, which works to trap and eliminate odours, is derived from corn and sweet potato!

Your Vehicle: Your faithful vehicle is sitting in your garage or driveway until you absolutely need it. Then you open the door and realize your house isn’t the only thing that smells. We have two tips for you: 

1) Check your vehicle for food that might have been left in it like kids’ snacks or leftover lunches.
2) Start your vehicle once a week to prevent a dead battery.
3) Clip a Febreze Car onto your vent to ensure you will get a whiff of goodness the next time you open that car door.

While we can’t control all the odours that are happening, we can help clear the air with Febreze. And remember, Febreze uses a 100% natural propellant. That means it’s formulated with nitrogen...and that’s part of the air we breathe every day!  So go on, breathe happy!